Heavy prosthesis

I had a mastectomy in October 2007. I went to someone recommended by my bcn to have two bras fitted then I got my breast form last week. I am quite a big lady (my bra size is 40E) and I find the breast form quite heavy (although I am getting used to it a bit). The main problem is when I bend over the weight of the breast form pulls my bra down and if my top gapes a bit you can see right down the side where my breast has been removed (in other words a big gap!). I am wearing high neck tops but even these sometimes fall forward if you bend down far enough. On the side where I have had the mastectomy there is a big gap at the top of the cup on that side (even when I am standing up straight). The only solution I can think of is wearing a camisole top which is quite tight across the top of my chest to stop this happening.

Can anyone offer me any advice please?

Hi maude, more often than not I wear a camisole under my tops. I wear blouses open with cami to match and then I don’t have to fasten blouse if I don’t want to and find this comfortable. The problem I have with prosthesis is that I like boned bra’s and the prosthesis seems to show on the inside of the bra, which forces the lacy bit that I want next to my skin away from me. I do notice the weight when getting dressed and undressed but feels ok when in place. Love junieliz

Hi, ladies

I, too, have this problem. I find I can only wear my prosthesis for a few hours a day, putting it in my bra just before I go out and taking it off as soon as I get home. If I’m not going out, I don’t wear it at all. If I’m maybe just going to the local shops, I wear the softie provided by the hospital, my coat and a long scarf, as the softie sits higher than my natural boob.

My bra naturally has to be tight-fitting to hold the prosthesis in place and I just wonder what this does to the lymphoedema in the affected arm.

Good luck to us all.
Maureen xx


I changed to a lightweight prothesis when dx with my lymphoedema, but still have the same probs as you ladies. I wear it all day, but am aware when bending forward it pulls my bra. I tried a stick on one but didn’t like the way it pulled on my skin when bending forward. My first prosthesis was heavy, I’m 30G, so find the lighterweight one abit better.

Take care everyone


hi everyone,
i too am a larger lady 38e, do you all find it looks really odd. when you remove your prothesis at bedtime and put on pjs or nightie. i think it looks horrid but am learning to live with it, because im not brave enough for a reconstruction. i have the same problems as you all seem to have when clothes are on, and my scar is high up too, so i have to wear high neck tops or sew lace on to low necks. its hard work shopping for clothes now, you are very limited to what you can wear comfortably.
take care everyone x

Hi All
I too am in the larger category and found it difficult to find a prosthesis I was happy with. Instead of a camisole top I bought some vest t shirts from Tesco’s and they work well under v neck jumpers etc without looking odd and do not gape. There are not very many good bras out there in my size. My advice to anyone who is about to venture down this road is to spend the time going to London for proper fitting day to be able to try all sorts.

Flora x

I too am of the larger variety (38D) and really hated the way my prosthesis fell forward in most bras. I did find that a sports bra helped but this is not practical all of the time.
I was delighted when I was offered a stick on prosthesis and couldn’t wait to try it out with different bras and clothes . I was really disappointed to find that it was heavy and the adhesive pulled my skin (this was 2 years past DX) -it felt that I was being dragged down and had to keep adjusting it. To cap it all off I found that the edges of the adhesive pad got very gnarled and looked like the dog had been at it …

I reverted to my old non adhesive and too small one for the duration

When I next went to be fitted I made sure that I reported the short-comings of the self adhesive and was told that this was a common problem and they didnt use that type as a rule now.
So I had another self adhesive one which I love . Its got a gel type back that is reactivated with a wash if it loses its stickiness.Several months on its still looking good and it feels quite natural. Although its a not the best colour for me (even light flesh colour looks dark against my celtic skin !) I can live with it as its still much closer than either of its forerunners.

The only thing that lets it down is the sideways measurement which means that sometimes it sort of folds up in a bra that makes the real boob uplifted. I a sure that if this was a big problem to me that I could go and get a refitting but Im not that bothered by it so far.

On another track I did see a link to knitted boobs which some may find an alternative to plastic. Put ‘knitted boobs’ into google and its the first link from Knitty.

Hi everyone

Thanks very much for your comments and advice. I have got some good tips from you all.

I too feel horrible at night when I put my nightie or pjs on. I bought some post surgery bras from Asda (£6 and they are excellent) to wear just after my surgery and sometimes I wear one of them under my nightwear with my softie breast form and that makes me feel a bit better, it is also comfortable to sleep like that. Nicola Jane do a mastectomy nightie and Amoena are bringing out a range of loungewear but if I wear my Asda bra and softie I can wear any nightie or pjs I want.

Love to everyone
Maude xx

Hi everybody

I put a safety pin (or even a couple of stitches) in the adjustable bit at the back of the bra (I’m 34 E) - I sometimes wear a floaty scarf around there - and have experimented with lighter prosthesis. I have one lighter chicken fillet in a smaller size and just go lopsided a bit sometimes, I’m sure most people don’t actually notice it (apart from fashionistas, but I don’t care about them!). It’s something I’ve got a bit less uptight about over 6 yr period. Cos I’m not about to start wearing polo necks!! (But if I did, I’d get the same size chicken fillet as breast).

Higher vests in different colour is one thing I do too, have to look around to find them, lands end do some which are quite good n high.

I’ve done a bit of Victorian & Georgian acting in me time and sometimes use a scarf in a kerchief type of style as they did then, tucked in - depending on the type of scarf it doesn’t have to look stuffy! Have one very floaty diaphanous one with little spots which looks faintly alluring (I am told …)

If I ever go for recon I’ll get them both a C cup LOL. Did occur to me that if you ever had the double mastectomy you could have size E prostheses for going to posh do’s, and size B for sports :wink: (everydaymatters - I’ve been dithering about recon for all this time, 6 years! It’s just trying to decide what size to end up, not quite the only sticking reason…)

Am currently trying a stick-on amoona one but I still get the gaping on that particularly visible bit on the edge of the bra cos I had a lot cut out there. Find underwired bras v uncomfortable now, since the whole mx thing, which is a pain because maybe they’d be the way to reduce that gappiness.

Good luck maude!

I too am a 40E and have found the lighter prothesis very comfortable. Am not sure what it is called but I got it from Nicola Jane and it is said to be 30% lighter than a normal prothesis. I also got a pocket fitted by Nicola Jane and put prothesis in that and find everything very comfortable now.

I am a 36B and I find my prothesis hard to fit into my bras, it is big and heavy and although I have only been wearing it for a few months I have just gone back to wearing the softie which I was given by the hospital. I do go lopsided though with the softie so wear my heavy prothesis when I go out anywhere. I have also discovered a lady that sews pockets into bras, for those who buy ordinary bras and not mastectomy bras. They work out a lot cheaper and she makes a really good job of them. The price for the pocket and sewing is £5 and you post the bra to her and she does it all for you. I’ve had several of mine done by her now, she used to work from the hospital sewing the pockets in for breast cancer ladies. You can email her on and her name is Violet. I was wondering whether to invest in another prothesis but from what everyone is saying on here they all seem about them same, so I might as well stick to the one I have and alternate between the softie and the heavyweight!

Thanks again everyone for your advice and tips, I am finding all your comments useful and interesting.

I am going to try a stick on breast form when my scar has healed a bit more so I will let you know how I get on with that. I might consider getting a lighter breast form if the stick on one doesn’t suit me.

I suddenly had a thought the other day - what about securing my top with body tape!? I have bought a top to wear for a Christmas night out, it has a high neck but I was scared I would bend down to pick my handbag up it would fall forward and everyone would be able to see right down my front. I have got some body tape so I will have a go at securing my top and I will let you know how I get on.

Love to everyone. xx

Hi amoena have bought out a new natura comfort + which i ordered today, my prothesis although a lightweight one does feel uncomfortable by the end of the day but i have lymphodema in my breast area which is painful so it does rub against it even in the pocketed bra. Will let you know how i get on with it when it arrives. It is my Christmas present! LOL!

Best wishes

Hi everyone

I just thought I would let you know that I went out last night and I used my body tape to secure my top and it worked really well. I just put two pieces either side of my top (well, I got my husband to do it) and it stayed in place all evening even though I got a bit hot and sweaty dancing. I felt quite comfortable and I wasn’t worried about my top falling forward and exposing everything.

Suzzane, I am looking forward to hearing how you get on with your amoena breast form.

Maude xx

Hi Maude,

I have been wearing the new breast form since Saturday, there was so much excitement when it arrived. I think it is so much better than the other lightweight one i was wearing and it seems to draw the sweat away from my body thus my scar is not so sore and wet all the time.

Hope that helps

hi everyone, i found after my first mastectomy that my prosthesis was very heavy too i was a 38 dd, people would say it looked fine and they couldnt tell, but i knew when i bent down that you could see my scar, i used to cry many times, i also sewed stretchy lace on the front of my bras to make them look like a cami, i have just had my second mastectomy and gone down to a 36 c which is brilliant and i must say now things have levelled up so to speak, my bras fit much better and i feel much more secure and confident.
The only problem i find is getting bra`s in black, very few and far between, but will keep looking

Hi everyone

Just a quick update. I have been trying an Amoena contact breast form but even though I am following the instructions to the letter it won’t stick on my skin properly. It starts off ok but starts to become unstuck as the day goes on. Perhaps my skin type doesn’t suit this type of breast form or it could be that my scar is too uneven for it to get a good grip on me! I am thinking of trying a lightweight breast form that goes in the pocket of my bra.

I have been looking for a camisole bra because I thought it might solve this problem of everything falling forward when I bend forward but no one seems to do them in my size - 40E. Not sure why that is. I am not very good at sewing so I would probably make a mess of trying to sew lace into my bra to make it into a camisole type.

Thanks for everyone’s tips and advice.

Maude xx

Hi, I bought a swimform from Amoena to swim in and as it was so much lighter (a third lighter to be prescise)than my normal prosthesis I used that daily in my bra instead.

That’s interesting.

I telephoned the breast form fitter to tell her I wasn’t having much success with the contact breast form. She said she will order a lightweight breast form for me. I will let you know how I get on when I get it. The swimform sounds like a great idea - thanks for that Clarabelle.

Maude xx

I have just changed to the stick on. Seems bigger winder than other.and heavier as you stick it on it all falls south and wrinkles all up.Looks like 80 year old women lol and the when move forward or reach out sideways it comes off the skin :(.Im only on day 2 but not happy.Why cant they do light spondge with stik ons.:slight_smile: any tips Jane