Hello All..25 & Just diagnosed :-(

Sorry to hear your news Lauren. I was diagnosed earlier this year with bc at 38. Good luck with your treatment. I am in the middle of chemo at present. We are all hear to listen - good or bad days.

Rach xxx

Hello Young Ladies…
I’m fresh from the hospital with one booby, no drains and feeling very positive!!
On friday before the op i ordered a ‘new booby’ which arrived in the post in time for me to come home…Yay!! Am wearing it now and you’d never tell…However, i still want to go ‘booby’ shopping for some more bras etc…
Much easier than expected, no pain, no sadness…In fact the nurses couldn’t believe how happy i am…
So, i’m now focusing on the chemo and some new boobies next year. Thankyou all for such wonderful support, i’ll repay the favour in time… I am determined to make other woman my age/ and breastfeeding mummies especially more aware of breast cancer as it is sadly ignored and brushed aside…Even if i made 100 women more aware i’d feel like i’d done a good job… Also met a lady who’d had immediate reconstruction and it looked FAB!!
Lots of Love

Hi Lauren
glad to hear all has gone well. Stay positive.


Hi Lauren,

So glad your operation went well, like you I also felt very good and well after my op. I didnt really have any sadness about my breast, I was just glad the cancer was gone. I kept waiting to suddenly feel down but I didnt and havent really dwelt on it at all since then… and I had my mastectomy 15 months ago. Im not opting for reconstruction, Im 45 day after tomorrow and I cant see the point but if I was a young 26 year old like you Im sure I would! Good luck with everything,
Polly x

HI all

Yeah I feel like you polly, I am 44 and certainly at the moment I don’t think I could put myself through a reconstruction, If I don’t mind and my husband doesn’t mind there doesn’t seem a lot of point. But I would probably feel different if I was younger. Hi Lauren How’s it going, feeling good I hope. Just had my drain out and will probably get my follow up appointment in two weeks so I am just going to relax for a bit before I get blinded by science again.

Speak soon

Debs x

Hello Debs,
Feeling very tired and ‘drugged up’ today…Been out in the garden so think the sun may have drained my energy!!
Starting to regain the feeling around the scar which is why i think it is hurting more…Therefore taken more painkillers than normal and feeling more tired than ever…
Have my follow up appointment 2moro and hoping for my results too?? Focusing on chemo now and looking forward to reconstruction next year.
I met a lady who’d had immediate reconstruction and it looked great, don’t rule it out completely…Although i don’t see a desperate need for it if you are happily married etc but for me it’s something to look forward to after all this crap has ended…Even though my husband couldn’t care either way!!
Hope you’re feeling good today.x.x.x

hi…lauren i was dx in 2002 at the age of 22…don’t worry …i did’nt do any reconstruction as i had a relapse in 2005…but my hubby does’nt mind…my little girl is a bit confused as why i have only one breast…he…he…i’m undergoing chemo and going to work in between cycles…just keep on hangin in there key…:slight_smile:

You sound absolutely amazing with your positivity. Stay strong, keep well and all the very best to you and your family.
Allison x

HI Lauren

I think when you start getting the feeling back to do get a few pains. I have had swelling under my arm and had it drained yesterday, it feels much better today. Like you say you do get tired periods and I don’t know about you but I get bloody annoyed with myself. Still no point in whining about it. Getting my hair cut today, just when the weather changes still waiting for my follow up appointment to see what is next, I am almost certain it will be next Thursday.
Keep well

Love Debs x

Hi Lauren

I’m a newbie too, with kids aged 4 and 2, but I’m 39. I guess some in your position would feel seen off as if you have kids young and breastfeed it’s supposed to reduce the risk!. I breastfed for 10mths first time then 20mths second, so it’s no insurance policy.
Whenever I tell anyone what’s happening to me, I always remind them to check themselves.

The silver lining is that we are recovering from surgery in this gorgeous weather!

Good luck for your treatment


Hello - Im 38 and found out on Weds that the lump they removed ( a sizeable one too at 10cm x 12cm ) was cancerous - despite them thinking it would be highly unlikely. A huge shock all round - am just mopping up from the last bout of tears. I am single and a mum of a beautiful daughter of 8 years. Cant imagine how we are going to cope but friends are being so kind. My surgeon is a very kind man and has researched thoroughly and sees the best option as a mastectomy and immediate reconstruction at East Grinsted. I am terrified. But I didnt have a biopsy until last month - and I had the beast growing in me for years and had regular ultrsounds at my insistance. Why dont they perform biopsys in all cases at the discovery of all lumps so they can ascertain what sort of lump / cyst / tumour it is? It just all feels so unfair.

It IS unfair…Really unfair…BUT it’s been found and we’re having treatment… I refuse to let this take over my life, or upset me in any way…For whatever reason we’re picked to deal with this crap, and me for one will be giving one hell of a fight before the smile comes off of my face!!
My kiddies are so young and don’t deserve for mummy to not be well, my baby girl starts nursery in september and i don’t want to miss taking her or picking her up once :slight_smile:
Jenny i hope you have support around you, i’m fortunate to have hubby but we were only saying the other day how i’d hate to imagine anyone dealing with this as a single parent…Take all the offers of help hun, your recovery will be quicker.x.
Off to pick up my wig today, and also some more mastectomy bras etc from London! Excited for some strange reason, i feel like a new person???
Lots of love to you all, hope your recovery is going well.x.x.x.x.

p.s. Lauren hope your wig shopping went well

I have a fabulous few close friends who are just great and I dont know how I would cope otherwise. They have said they will do whatever I need to help me - I have always been fiercly independant and it is strange to be asking them for help - but I am so gratefull they are there. I miss having someone there next to me in bed at night when I wake up terrified though! ( Mind you, the string of timewasters I have associated myself with in the past wouldnt have been much help - so maybe its not so bad to be single at a time like this!)
Im concentrating on the free tummy tuck, performed by a top plastic surgeon. Do you think he might throw in a set of veneers at the same time if I tell him they’d really help my recovery?

I wish!!! Glad ur keeping ur chin up though.xx. wig shopping today instead!!! wooooooohoooooo…1 day to go til chemo starts…eeek…

HI Lauren

That really quick with the Chemo. I am still waiting for my follow up appointment. Probably making yet another visit to the hosi today to get the swelling drained off (3rd time) so hoping to pin down someone about my appointment.

Good luck tomorrow

LoveDebs x

Good luck with the wig shopping - i hated it at first buit its a bit like wearing a bra, if you’d never worn before you’d find them uncomfortable but i have a fab selection (1 expensive mixed with cheap ebay ones!) and today i have long blonde hair and yesterday i was short and dark and i love it! I’m going to hate having to style my hair everyday when it grows back!! You are abrave girlie - i have a 1 and 3 yr old and am 33 now and was diagnosed 6 months ago and i am now in your frame of mind but you are a true star to have such insight and strength so soon xxx

Thankyou lolabelle…Haven’t worn my one yet, still have full head of hair but sure it’ll go soon!!! Got a few hats and scarves too!!xxx

I shaved mine off (well about 1 inch long) and it hasn’t started falling out until now and i only have one chemo left!! I wore my wigs from the day i cut it off as i had long hair and loved it and couldn’t adjust to my short hair and i took to wearingit like a duck to water! Start trying it out when you know youare going somwhere you won’t see anyone you know and then start wearing it more and more like that and then the transition won’t be so daunting. I couldn’t get to grips with scarfs but i know a few ladies who look fab in them so it all depends but don’t worry about what people will say eiether way as you have to feel comfortable inyour choice, hey youmight want to alternate but if you do go for wigs have a peep on ebay as there are tons! Good luck and be grateful for your babies, without mine ii wouldn’t have a reason to get out of bed everyday and put a smile on my face which is a tonic within itself xxx