Hello All..25 & Just diagnosed :-(

I’m Lauren, 25yrs with two little kiddies…Ellie is 3yrs and Joshua 10months…I was diagnosed with breast cancer on friday and am booked for a masectomy this coming friday! All very quick…
I will have chemo and reconstructive at a later date…
I’m hoping i’ll get a little advice/support from here as right now i feel like the only 25yr old in the world with breast cancer (although i know i’m not).x.

Dear Lolly

I am now 52 but I couldn’t believe it when I was diagnosed. It was grim, plus the speed at which they operate is scary too. Maybe it is better to get it over with but still very distressing. My heart goes out to you. I can’t offer advice but support yes


the Mole

Hello Lauren,
So sorry you had to join us here but you will get great support, i know there are lots of younger ladies on here (i am 45 young to me) and am sure you will get quite a few replies.

I had chemo then mastectomy and am now on radiotherapy, it is a rough road but with lots of support on here and from family i found it easier to cope with than i thought i would.

Wishing you all the best for your op on Fri.
Val x

Hi Lauren, just wanted to say hi and wish you well for your op.
I was thirty one when diagnosed had a baby boy at the time, such a massive shock and then the speed at which things move at when you are still tryin to get your head around the fact that you have cancer.
This forum is very good for advice and support you will get plenty.
When i was diagnosed I felt like the only thirty one year in the world diagnosed with breast cancer, it was such a lonely place to be in, but I took all the help available to me. One of the first things I done when diagnosed was contacted breast cancer care and they put me in a touch with a younger woman via the telephone who called me several times and it was good to talk to another young woman who had been through the same experience.
take care of yourself

hi there,
I was 27 when I was diagnosed, seems rather crap to get bc at such a young age isn’t it. I’m glad all your treatment is coming quick and fast cos it is best to get going with it. I am now a year since dx. I t was actually this day last year that I had my mastectomy. Had chemo and rads too and I am happy to say that I’m doing well now. Feel free to ask any questions about the treatment or surgery Lolly.
All the best and good wishes,
teacup xx

Thankyou all so much… It’s so nice to think that you’ve taken time out to reply… Roll on friday i guess, may get hair cut very short this afternoon or 2moro…What do you think???xxxx Lauren

Hi Lauren

Friday will soon be here. I got my hair cut shortish before my mastectomy just because it would be easier to handle and it was. These are positive actions well done. Are they checking your lymph nodes too?

P xxx

Hi Lauren,

Sorry you have had to join us but as the others have said you will get plenty of support on this site.

It is a whirlwind when it all starts and it is hard to get your head around it all as everything happens so fast.

Just try and surround yourself with peole who love you and can support you and if you need anything then use the forums.

Cutting your hair has to be your choice as it is a very individual thing.

Love and hugs Deb xx

Hi Lolly

Sorry you had to join us, but you will get loads of support on here…any questions or worries there always seems to be someone who can help with good advice. You are very young (I was 46 dx). I’m nearly through my chemo now but when I started this journey last November I didnt think I would get through this. I just take each day at a time and when I’m feeling worried or totally alone I come on here to gain help from all these brave ladies :slight_smile:

All the best Judy x

Hello Lolly

I was 32 when dx, my youngest child was then 13 months. I had a mastectomy followed by chemo, no rads and have not yet had recon done through choice.

I didn’t cut my hair at all as it was long enough to tie back and I decided that would be easiest for me. I then got another few months with all my hair as it didnt start to fall out until after my second lot of chemo and then I just shaved it all off. You have to do what you think is best for you, short hair is all the fashion!!

My thoughts will be with you on Friday.


Neenie xx

Hi Lauren,

Sorry you have had to join our select club!! - Yes you are young 25, I was 41 yrs when initially diagnosed and my children were then 11 and 17yrs. I thought I was relatively young. There are other brave yound Ladies oin here who will help you through your journey so any questions and advice I am sure one of our Lovely Ladies will be able to offer some great words of wisdom and advice.
If you look on this site at the right you will see a Younger womens forum, any queries and I am sure you will be helped along. I was diagnosed in Feb 06 - just think I never thought I would get this far two yrs down the line but here I am NAD an taking every day as it comes. You will find strength from your children i know i did.
This is a fantastic site full of FANTASTIC ladies and Men - see i didn’t forget the guys.
Chemo is tough but doable. I never thought after 4 epi 4 cmf 15 radio and 1 yr of herceptin - It was a mountain to climb - but boy did i do it!!
Take care
and i send you a (((((((((((((cyber hug)))))))))))
any questions pls feel free to ask
lots of love

So sorry you had to join use here Lolly - at at such a young age too. I was (and still am) 40 at dx and I was told that I was young … you make me seem ancient.

I was only a week from dx to surgery - I had WLE and node sampling - I was so busy in that week getting things organised at work and home for me being off that it flew by without me really having time to worry about the op. As someone else said it’s good to get the surgery so quickly - from a psychological point especially.

I hope all goes well with the operation and you recover quickly. Just don’t try to be a hero - take your time getting back to doing things and take all the help you can get. You will get a shed load of advice and support on here and I can assure you that there is no such thing as a ‘silly’ question on here. Whatever your question someone will have an answer.

Love Lilac

Hi Lauren

so sorry you’ve had to join us but we are all here to listen to you and hopefully offer you support along your journey. I do hope everything goes well for you and I am sure you will have fantastic support at home.
I’ll be thinking of you on Friday, you will be amazed at how your children will get you through this…my son was great and he was only 3 at the time too.

Take care and lots of love to you.

claire xx

Thankyou…Thankyou…Soo nice of you all to reply.x.x.x.
Well, i took the plunge and had my hair cut short…Don’t know if i like it yet though…Don’t suppose i should worry really…Hubby says it looks nice so if he likes it then i’ll leave it for now!! My baby boy keeps staring at me and my little girl walked into the hairdressers and didn’t recognise me!!
Off to have all of my scans done 2moro, and i’m going to be ‘radioactive’ for 24hrs…How thrilling…
Yes i am having my nodes taken & tested and will opt for reconstruction as and when i’m told!

I’m very lucky to have the most wonderful husband and kiddies to keep me going, and you ladies (and men) here are wonderful too…
Good Luck to you all, will keep you updated.

I just want to say how brave and strong your message was lauren.

I was talking to my fellow nursing students today about breast cancer and they all said they would fall to pieces if they were dx.

At 25 you seem to have handled this discovery wonderfully well, and i am sure you will be a source of support for many women on here, and than many women will support you also.

i hope your treatment runs smoothly, (((((hugs))))))


Good luck Lauren…I am sure we’ll all have you in our thoughts.

Lots of love

Claire x

Hi Lauren,

I’ve messaged you on another thread yesterday, hope you got it. Good on 'ya for gettin your hair cut. I remember getting my long locks cut short a couple of days before my op. My hairdresser knew the why and wherefores and there was v.little conversation to be honest. I was gutted at the time, others may think that was daft in the grand scheme of things but I was upset and cried when we left the salon! I soon go used to it thoughand was grateful to have a more manageable hair do whilst in hosp!

Hope your scans go ok today, and all the very best in advance for friday,

Take care and you know where we are if you need us,


Hi Lauren

Sorry you’re here mate. 25 yrs - that is so young. I was dx in Oct 07, 2 weeks after my 30th birthday. Rubbish isn’t it?

I’ve just finished chemo, I know what you mean bout the quickness of it all. I seemed to have to wait ages for the breast clinic appt and then as soon as I got the results I was in hospital 5 days later for the op. It’s crazy times.

All the best for tomorrow and I hope you don’t have to stay in too long.

Ang xx

Hi Lauren,
Wow 25, I am 28 and was diagnosed at the end of last year. I know what you mean about everything happening so quickly its like a whirlwind and information overload. I had chemo and then surgery where i opted for a reconstruction at the same time, so i only had to have hopefully one operation. This was 2 weeks ago and i am doing good, the surgeons have done an amazing job and now looking at my breasts you couldn’t tell i had one removed. While having the op i decided to have an implant in the other one so now it just looks like i have had a boob job it really is quite amazing.
I also did what you did and had my hair cut short, but this was because i had chemo first and the nurses said it was easier to come to terms with losing your hair (that is if you do).

Anyway good luck with your operation and keep strong!!

Look forward to hearing how it went!!


I had mine at 44 yrs…however I have a neice who had bc , when she was 26yrs. She is doing fine 7 years down the line.Good luck with everything. Remember you are not alone.We all are with you here.