hello all

I’m new to this so firstly hiya!
I started my FEC chemotherapy on 2nd May this year and i’ve had my 3rd cycle .
Iknow a high temperature is dangerous but my digital thermometer is reading 34.1. Has anyone else had such a reading or similar ? I don’t even feel cold and I think, if my reading was right, then I’d be hypothermic!!!

Have you taken it again since?? I took my temp earier today and it was showing 35.7 or something. Panicked as told to ring hospital if below 36. Took again and was up in 36’s and has been like all day. But I would recommend taking it again and if still showing low would give the hospital all call just to be on the safe side.

Hi Lisa -presumably you’ve sorted it by now. Some of us just naturally have really low temps so it’s a good idea to take it quite often over a week or so to establish a base line, but now we’re all on a treadmill it isn’t so easy! It’s best to take the temp before you take a panadol or other painkiller . When in doubt ring the helpline for your ONC unit. I keep a record of my temp with my notes.

BTW sounds like you are potentially a May Moonbeam like me! (today FEC-T 2/6, Day 10)