Hello and looking forward to starting the course! ??


I am a 61yr old diagnosed with left breast IDC, HER2+, ER+ in November 21 following routine screen. Dec/Jan lumpectomy and axillary clearance and have just started my 1st of 6 chemo cycles. Will be having Herceptin and radiotherapy too. It’s all been a bit fast and furious to say the least! Normally active travel/walk/swim so finding my current energy levels challenging to adjust to. Trying to keep a diary along the way.  Looking forward to learning and sharing experiences to help travel the journey to come.

Welcome to the forum Kazza - are you wanting to connect with other people on the moving forward course ?

Hello Kazza44 and others,

I’m in about the same boat. 63 yo, diagnosed last November after a routine mammo in October 2021 found the lump. I never did feel it and neither could the doctors after it was found. Lumpectomy in mid-Jan. Just found out today that my OncoDX score is uncomfortably high - 48. I’m reeling a little because in my mind this was just a garden-variety cancer caught early. Turned out to be multifocal invasive ductile carcinoma (ER+ PR+ HER-) AND a marginally hormone-receptive papillary carcinoma in the same place. But it’s still early and they have treatments for it so I’m still lucky. Looking forward to finally getting started in March on treatment. I hope to be able to share and learn from this site as I go through it with other women who are also going through the same thing.