hello big words and medical names

hi everyone just been diagonosed on 20 march spent all easter stewing and thinking the worst then I found this website it has helped me alot already.I have stage 2 invasive cancer which is oestregan respective lymph nodes look ok and the fact that i had a hysterrectomy 4 years ago is a postive point (apparently)see the onicogist this week Im to have a course of chemo and then a mascetomy.All these big words and medical names are very confusing .
p.s. excuse the spelling big words were never my strong point

hi mandy65,
sorry to hear of your diagnosis.
gosh you must of had a rotten easter, but its good you found this site, theres lots of help and support on here.
did you have your ovaries removed when you had your hysterectomy?
i had a hysterectomy when i was 39…5 yrs before being diagnosed with breast cancer but they left my ovaries…will never know if this had any bearing on the fact that my breast cancer is oestrogen positive.
i had a lumpectomy, followed by chemo then radio’ now tamoxifen…12mm tumour, grade 3 invasive ductual, no nodes involved.
your right the big words and medical terms are confusing, have you got a breast care nurse? if so they shoud be able to help you with anything you don’t understand, or ask on here, someone can usually help, of course you can always contact one of the nurses on this web sites helpline breast cancer care also have very good information booklets/leaflets which can be ordered free of charge.
do let us know how you get on with onc., this week.

take care
karen x

I found it all very confusing too, and asked the doctors to explain what on earth they were on about. I also read up on it via medical text books and the internet. I don’t advise taking the same route as there’s a lot to frighten us all out there!!!

Mind you, there is a dictionary on this site to explain the words plus an online booklet on how to read your pathology report (this explains how the cells taken in a sample from your lump look, and usually describes how the whole lump looks plus how solid it is).

You can also ring the Breast Cancer Care helpline and ask for some leaflets to be sent to you. Breast Cancer Care also do a loose leaf handbook for newly diagnosed patients which I sent for a while back and found quite good.


hi karen
did have ovaries removed went in to have a cyst removed ended up having a hysterectomy got over the shock eventually but every cloud has a silver lining they found cervical cancer grade 1a no further treatment needed I think the fact that Im always up the hosptial having smears and scans most probably meant I was a bit more wary about checking myself that and now Im the 4 woman in my mums family to have breast cancer but the good news is they are all doing well

hi molennuim
thanks for that advice just sent off for the booklet