hello everyone,

a few months ago i felt a lump on my chest, i checked with my doctor and she gave me a lonnng boring lecture of how its the pressure of my bones on my muscle etc etc and told me i can only take pain killers if it gets any painful
so i left it at that…and i dont like taking pain killers i heard you can get used to them and crave for them for the mildest headaches!

annyway whist i was abroad in Bangladesh i realised that i had a round peice of somthing on the bottom of my left breast
im quite skinny and i thought maybe its just my spine bon er something…but it wasnt…if you pressed on slightly the lump would move aruond between my fingers…i freaked out!! thought i had cancer…so i got it checked out and with ina week the sugery was done and i had it out of my system…slight imperfection of one breast is sooo not worth losing an entire breast…although i have little of it!
anyway thats done and dusted…all that horror out of the way…

its not been 6 months down the line…the other day i dreamt a pious person telling me im going to fall ill…this is soo freaky…the next day i felt the lump on my right breast
i can also feel a smaller flatter one deep on the left of that same breast and that one is pain pul…
just been to the doctor today…(i changed my docotr bdw) she told me it seems like another fibroadenoma…but this one isnt as mobile its stuck on a muscle and she couldnt find the other one.

i dont have a job and i cant afford to go with bupa…
im soo scared…i have so much going on in my life and to top it up i have this again…im scared it’s going to be nasty this time…im 21 forgoodness sake
after the first surgery i feel as though my breats have shrunk smaller…my 15 year old sister looks healthier than me :frowning:

is this normal? to have 2 fibroadenomas? and do u think it can turn big and cancerous??

help me :frowning:

Hi Shona

Welcome to the BCC forums, I am posting link to our publication on fibroadenomas which you may find helpful to read:


If you feel it would help to speak to one of helpliners about your concerns please call on 0808 800 6000 weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2.

Best wishes

Hi Shona,
I’m sorry but I don’t have any answers for you, as I don’t know anything about fibroadenoma. I just wanted to say we are here with you, and you’re not alone in your fear. Is the doctor getting you seen again at a clinic?
Oooh I’ve just seen Lucy’s post pop up - hopefully that link will tell you what you need to know.
I am sorry this is happening to you, especially as you are so young.Use this forum to say anything you want, it’s often the only place we can be really honest about our worries.
And keep us informed of how you get on.
Best wishes

ohhhh thank you soo much guys…im feeling better already
after seeing the doctor i just locked myself in my room…i dont want to tell anyone
the last time i had it i was 20…i come from an ethnic background and some weird people behave like its a disease or you have a tumour only becuase i’ve been bad…
its quite pathetic i know becuase my friends tell me not to think that way!!

i hope it gets better soon too