hello everyone

Hi strong family history, having annual mammograms, advised to have oophorectomy before menopause, and colonoscopies in 50s.
No gene as yet identified in our family. Mum passed last May aged 62 from metastatic ovarian cancer. Mum had bc at 51, diagnosed aged 60 with dual separate growing ovarian and colon cancer. Mum lost 2 sisters to bc aged 46 and 49, and her paternal grandmother passed aged 43 from colon cancer. Just saying hello xxx

Hi Juzzles, I’m so sorry to hear about your mum. I’ve had breast cancer twice, mastectomies and my ovaries removed following brca diagnosis. Thought I’d say hello! Rattles x

Hi Rattles, how are you doing now? X xx thanks for replying xx

Hi Juzzles,

I finished my last treatment in Autumn 12 and had my ovaries out in 2013. Ive had more stability since then -thankfully- but it was a long haul, in five years almost a year of chemo, 10 surgeries, radiation treatment. Its taken me a while to recover and still suffering effects but I am improving still. How are you? You don’t say where you’re at. Hope you are doing okay? Rattles 

Hi Rattles, wow what a journey! X glad to hear you’re doing better. I’m a bit scared right now got appointment at breast clinic for 12th, had first mammograms come back clear but few days ago found a lump inner right breast, hoped I was wrong but gp found it, fast tracked to breast clinic. Feels like gristle maybe? My aunt was diagnosed at 41, I’m now 40. Have been advised to have oophorectomy before menopause, no gene found yet. X

Hi Juzzles, sounds like I was the last person you needed to respond to your post! I’m sorry and hope I haven’t scared you. Its terrible waiting, and I hope you aren’t too anxious and are sleeping okay. You must be scared, especially with your family history. I hope you can really spoil yourself rotten and take some comfort in the speedy referral. Rattles x