Hello Everyone

Hi there,
Goodness iv not been on all day and it has been very busy. Well thought i had sat around long enough so talked colin into having a few days off and take me somewhere. Went shopping this morning (didnt lift anything) and went to a big warehouse this afternoon… was putting on a brave face saying i was fine but OMG im whacked now and very sore… silly silly i know as they said to do nothing for 1 week but it was driving me mad. Saw my DN this morning and she said stitches look fine as far as she can see and just ti still keep it dry and clean for at least an other 7 days.

So how is everyone else today??
Sorry to the new girls that have had to join us but also a HUGE HUGE big welcome and feel free to have a chat anytime you feel you need to scream, cry, laugh or just have a good old moan… we are all here for each other and if it wasnt for this forum i think i would of gone mad.

Lots of love
LJ where are you???

rest baby you silly lass you must rest dont try to do too much
bigest hugs

Here’s an idea for you, Claire,

It’s not too strenuous but could keep you occupied for hours on end…
It’s called the internet!! lol

love and hugs,
beano x

LOL beano
I get looked at like im lazy when im on here lol

how r u ??

claire xxx

Hi My Invisible Friends

Have you worked out yet who I am? I hope so, because then we can get back to where we were, left a message on your other thread Claire. Mind you, its fun playing these guessing games, it gives us all something different to think about it, nothing like a good puzzle to get the little grey brain cells going!!!

Claire, please do not do too much too soon. If you take it easy now, it will pay dividends in the longrun, otherwise you could put your progress back, don’t take any chances.

Thoughts are with you all, Claire, LJ, Beano, Ceegra, Alison, Dawn, Olivia and no offence to anyone I can’t remember by name.

Love K

KELLY100…who is she??? Claire you should be resting LOL

Ask me some questions and I’ll tell you no lies.

LJ, you must get some rest soon. Wish you well tomorrow, thoughts and hugs with you.


Kelly i know who u r lol

pincess 18??? or rosamund??


Not princess 18 I don’t think … HELP ME - my brain is muddled and not working …LOL - yeah I know that is usual though.

I will keep trying Kelly100. Have posted on other msg with couple of qs, but still no closer.


Hi Claire

Nice to be back lol Anyway, really, how are you, hopefully in the next 1.5 weeks you will get your results and you will know where you are going. It will be nice for you not to HAVE to be here but don’t forget us when your news is good. How are the wounds, are they sore or are they feeling much better. The first week for me was the worst, but after that things improved quickly.

Lots going on here, will tell you more later, got to keep up the guessing game now.

Love K

Dawn, what other message have you posted at, I’ll read it and answer your questions. You WILL get there in the end.

How are you anyway, are you able to remain positive or do you need wide shoulders at the mo, always here to help if I can. Personally, I think you are very courageous, I was much too much of a coward to go through Chemo, and amongst other family issues, chose to do the zoladex instead - that’s another clue too by the way lol

Speak to you soon


My bed time has been and gone, no mercy from the little ones in the morning, don’t understand LIE INS. So am off to my pit, but I will resume this challenge in the morning, with the new clues too … so just you wait, I will get there, probably the last one (LOL), but I never give up. Will ship the muppets out sometime tomorrow and just work my way though. Think I have an idea, but …

And can’t remember the other msg, think was after one of Claires - now that is helpful or what - can’t recall as keep telling ya, my brain aint what it use to be, two children and now chemo, all within 4 years, is enough for anyones brain!!!

Take care and speak tomorrow, hopefully I will have good news and know who you are.



Night Night everyone …


Kelly i think i know who u r xx

Dear Claire

I too have a crazy Mum


Kelly I know who you are LOLOLOLOLOL

god bless you I hope your ok

Love you all lots

Time for bed

Speak to you all soon