Hello everyone

I’ve not had my Masectomy op as yet as I’m a COPD sufferer and just recently had an exacerbation of this condition, therefore I have to wait until the anti bs and steriods have finished and is out of my system.


While in waiting I’m on Letrozole and luckily as yet only have earm/hot flushes.


Is anyone else on here a COPD/Asthma sufferer . 


Kind regards





Just wanted to say hello and welcome to the forum, I dont have those conditions but didnt want to just pass by your post without wlecoming you xxx

Hello Kitty, 

That must be difficult for you managing the cancer and COPD. I hope you don’t have to wait too long for your surgery.  How are you feeling about it all? Glad tge Letro is not causing you too much grief. 

Best Wishes to you, 

Chick ? x