Hello everyone

Hi all.  It’s good to meet you and to have some company on this ‘train journey that none of us wanted to board’, (thanks for that, Fiona!).  I’m Trish, and I was dragged onto the train with a diagnosis of invasive lobular breast cancer on 18th February. I had a lumpectomy on 25th March: Grade 2, lymph node positive, ER+ HER2-ve. I had a phone consultation with my oncologist on Wednesday last week, and she said I’d start chemo in about two weeks - just waiting for a letter that will give me the exact date.  I’m very apprehensive, especially given the covid situation, and am just working on taking things step by step, day by day.   It’s been good to hear on here from others who have started or been through their treatment, and I totally get the comments about fear of the unknown.  A friend of mine who was treated for cancer a few years ago said to me that the apprehension and waiting was often much worse than the interventions themselves. I think that has been the case for me so far.   

I’m looking forward to getting to know you all and finding some mutual support in all this.

Trish x

†his is meant for the May 2020 chemo starters…

Hi Trish seems we have exactly the same type of breast cancer I was diagnosed 16th March had my lumpectomy and node removal the following week. My first cycle of chemo was 22nd April with two weekly interviews so 2nd cycle this wed. For my the apprehension has so far been worse than reality as although chemo gives you some low days I’ve also had some days where I just feel like me. This is a great forum as we are all in the sane boat . Good luck with everything 

Rachael x