Hello from a newbie

Hello, I am Nichola, I am 33 and was diagnosed with Invasive ductal carcinoma grade II on 3rd July. After further tests I have stage 2 tumor and it is triple negative. I have had surgery to remove the affected tumor and tissue and luckily it hasn’t spread to any lymph nodes.
I am due to start chemotherapy on Saturday.
I will then have radiotherapy after the chemo has finished.
I am a brit but I live in Egypt with my husband and 7 month old baby so I am currently having my treatment here in Cairo.
Just wanted to say hello.

Hi Pollyt79 sorry you’ve had to join our club, but we are a very friendly and supportive bunch. If you haven’t done already, why not join the ‘Anyone starting chemo in August’ thread, I’m sure they’ll make you most welcome. There are several of these support groups here and the ladies swap tips, have a moan or generally chat about their treatment, SE’s etc. Good luck with your treatment, hope everything goes well for you Pat x

Hi Nichola, welcome to the place no-one wants to be. It is, however, a good place to be for support and advice.

Interesting you live in Cairo! It will be interesting to see how treatments compare. I’ve had lots of holidays in Egypt, mostly Luxor but also Cairo, and love the country. I hope you are safe from the recent troubles.

Good luck with your chemo on Saturday, and keep posting!

Linda xxx

Thank you. I am just having a look around the site and making myself aware so I will see if I can see it and join as well. It is all a bit daunting but I am trying to stay positive!

Thank you Linda, it is such a shame what is going off here.
My sister is an oncology nurse but for children. However, she has helped me a lot and from what she has said it is pretty much the same treatments.
I am luckier as I do not have to wait for appointments like I think you have to in UK. So it has all happened a bit quick but that can only be a good thing!

Hi Pollyt79, hope you find some answers on this site as I have done as well as support. Don’t google it is too scary and inaccurate! Stick to this site and the MacMillan one which are very helpful,having your sister’s support and knowledge will be good too. Sounds as if it is much quicker to be seen in Egypt so that has to be a positive. Take care , Katy.

Hi Nichola
good luck for your treatment on Saturday. Try to have a rest after it. I also say don’t google which I did until I found this site theres too much confusing info out there. Bcc has been a great help to me lots of info and support. Just being part of this community forum is also helpful knowing there are others who understand what you are going through.
I am just coming to the end of my chemo for me its not been to bad really leaves you tired, then in Sept I’m having surgery then I will be having radiotherapy too.
best wishes Denise x

I was diagnosed in 2010 and despite being a nurse I am still not clear what type I have !! I had surgery, chemo, radio and further surgery and continue to take tamoxifen. I am working full time and feel ok considering…I was also diagnosed with lung cancer and had to have an op for that just following my mastectomy. I wish you luck on your journey and will be interested to see your treatment differences in a different country :smiley: