Hello....... I'm a new member!

Hello all… I have only recently signed up to this website… thought I would tell you a bit about myself (I apologise in advance as I ramble on a bit lol)…

I found a lump on my right breast in November… I had an ultrasound, mammogram and biopsy’s taken once I received my results with my consultant who said he is pleased to say it is just a cyst BUT… once he said BUT I just looked at him and knew he was going to say the word you never think your going to hear… I have stage 2 breast cancer on my left breast and in my lymph glands…

Thankfully the cyst on my right breast was there to make me go and get myself checked as in my left breast there was no lump it only got found on the mammogram!..

I had surgery on the 4th December, Mastectomy, Axillary Dissection (levels 1 & 2) and DIEP Flap Reconstruction…

I will be starting a course of chemo in January.

Sorry for rambling :slight_smile:

Hi Melissa
I too am in a similar position to you. I found a lump in my right breast which turned out to be IDC grade 2 (at this stage) I am waiting for my histology results on 2nd Jan then start chemo/rads some time soon. i can ponly describe this time like being in a nightmare that you are the lead role! I’ve been in disbelief for a while but slowly coming to terms with it. I’ve had lump removed and surgeon found it had spread to my lymph so he did a full axillary clearance to be sure. I’m waiting on results from that. I know I am ER- PR- so just the HER 2 to confirm and how many nodes it went to… Hopefully just the one and I can deal with that. There is a post called ‘starting chemo in Jan’ that I’ve just joined which would be worth linking in to. It’s lots of ladies on the same path and timing as us so you should go and tag along with that. I’ve been reading the December chemo group threads and they’re a great bunch, lot of humour, information and support for each other so you are never alone on this journey.
How are healing post op? Have you been given exercises for your shoulder? I wasn’t given any but found some on an NHS website and have been doing them daily. It’s really helped with range of movement and swelling. Plus I’ve been out walking every day and although I get nerve pain shooting dwn my arm the boost in circulation seems to be helping.
Here’s to strength in numbers, laughter and light and many shoulders to lean on whilst we walk this path together.
Big hugs xx

That wasnt a very long ramble Melissa ! You are free to rant and rave on here as much as you like. What Chemo regime are you having ? I had FEC T for 6 cycles and coped really well. I was never sick and I did the Cold Cap treatment so I did not lose my hair. It is well worth trying.Let us know if you want some chemo hints and tips. Love Tracy xxx

Hi Tiggsy24 and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the support you already have here I am posting a link to the BCC ‘Treatments’ page where you will find further support ideas and lots of information which I hope you will find helpful over the coming months;


Take care

Lucy BCC

Hello Rubydoo,

Lovely to hear from you.

Good luck for your histology results appointment on the 2nd.

I will look for the group you mentioned and tag myself to it. It’s a nice feeling to talk to other women/read their stories who are going through similar things at a similar time, as much as family/friends think or try to understand they just don’t (that is mention in the nicest possible way - if you know what I mean?!?).

Each day I’m starting to feel better and more myself - which is a really nice feeling. I reckon the day I feel 100% will be the day I start chemo (typical)!

I left the hospital with an exercise sheet, I could scan a copy and send it onto you?

How are you feeling now? how is your shoulder, movement etc?


Hello Tracy
I would love as many hints / tips as possible please :slight_smile:
My chemo will be over a 6 month period, the 1st part will be FEC (once every 3 weeks) the 2nd part will be TAX every week). I am defo going to give the cold cap a go, nothing at all to lose…
What shampoo did you use, any hints and tips would be appriected.
What stage are you at?
Melissa xxx

Thank you

Sent you a personal message Melissa, Love Trace x

Hi Melissa ,
I thought I had sent you a personal message but have just checked and I am not sure that it worked.
The Cold Cap worked for me. It IS freezing so I would recommend you take layers of clothes to wear especially a big scarf to wrap around your neck and gloves so that the nurses can find a vein much easier. I also took a hot water bottle to Chemo with me as it was winter 2010 when I had mine and they could not find my tiny veins. Some ladies put their hands under the hot water tap to plump the veins. Drink lots and lots of water to hydrate your body and make your veins bigger.
I was never sick so dont worry about that as the anti sickness meds and steroids will alleviate any side affects. If you do feel any nausea then tell the nurses as they can change your meds.
Sending you love and hugs and positive vibes . Tracy xxx