Hello Just daignosed with ductal carcenoma yesterday

Just would like to introduce myself,

My name is julie and i live in scotland.

My mother died of cancer nearly 20 years ago and 6 of her sisters in the same year all due to breast cancer.

Yesterday I had my results after my mammogram/biopsy, i have ductal carcenoma.

I have a 3 1/2 year old child to look after.

After my results i went home,. Was numb screamed, did not sleep. Could not believe it. You know how it is.

I have my op on the 20th sept to remove the 8mm thing that is in my body.

Then followed by radiotherapy.

Hello to all and i hope i make some nice friends on here.

Julie xxx

Hi Julie

Welcome to our club - the club no-one wants to be a member of. Everyone here is very supportive so I hope it will help you.

So sorry to hear your news so I am sending you bags of cyber hugs!

Sharon x

Hi Julie
Welcome, I know you’d rather not be here - wouldn’t we all (no offence). I live in Norhtern Ireland. Age 37, two boys 11 and 8 and lovely husband.
Diagnosed in early June with 23mm tumour and had it removed and immediate reconstruction after full breast removal. Am having 3rd chemo tomorrow. Feel really cross perhaps in Scotland you know the word scundered - that’s what I am!!

Have good days and bad days. Was reallt worried about how I’d cope with surgery chemo etc. Take it slowly. I have said that normally if you have surgery to think of or big medical procedures you have months to think about it. But with this baby things move fast and you get caught up inthe whirlwind.
I had no family history and ate well, didn’t smoke, exercise, all the things I’m supposed to do (am I bitter YIP) but still got it.
I hope all goes well - hang in there. I really have found this site superb. I can say what is on my mind and not feel that I am being judeged or being silly,
Use it to get you through.

Take Care


Hi Julie

Welcome to this site, sorry you have had to join us, but you will find some amazing friends on this site that will help you get through this terrible time.

I was dx with bc on 16 July, but after scans, had a double whammy 10 days later of being told had already gone to my liver. So had to go straight onto chemo, and had my second session yesterday. All ok, apart from my hair is now thining and falling out big style, and getting shaved off tomorrow if I am brave enough, a hurdle I think I need to do to move on. I am 39 yrs old, with a 3 year old daughter and a 9 month old son, so I know how you are feeling with regards to your baby. It is the unknown that terrifies us the most I think. I am distraught with my diagnosis, but i look at my babies and KNOW that i have to fight as hard as I can, and will, to be there to see them grow up. And if can do it, anyone can, as I am not the strongest or bravest person around.

I am so sorry about your mum and her family too. My mother died 3 years ago to a sudden brain tumor, which was a complete shock too. I hope that you have other family around you to support and help you through this time. But feel free to talk to me or any of the others as and when and you can private message people if you don’t want to post to everyone, just type in the Send a private message,using the persons id.

Anyway, good luck for the 20th, although a few weeks away. Try not to worry too much (easy said I know), but you need to remain positive. This is hard, as I was a wreck in the waiting period, but it has got easier since treatment started.

Take care and come back as often as you like, and you will get so many responses and offers of help and advice that you will find you want to be on here.

THinking of you and sending lots of cyberhugs.


Many thanks for all your lovely replies.

At the moment i feel like why the hell did i post. You are all so strong and going through and have gone through so much more than myself.

Sorry for bleating sending you lots of hugs also and i wish you all well with your treatment.

My computer is on all the time so i will not be leaving the forum (well i wish i was) iyswim but i am so glad to he here (that makes no sense) and i rabbit a lot so you are going to have to get use to it.

The information on the site is wonderful.

Sometimes the internet has too much information lol.

i would rather tie myself to a site. if that makes sense to you all.

Love julie

By the way i am 41 this year and also have a 24 year old daughter :slight_smile:

PS you needs a thanks button on this site so i can thank everyone for their individual posts.

Hi Julie
Initial diagnosis is the pits, but you get stronger with time.
I’m 40, with kids, i know exactly how you feel. I was diagnosed 2 months ago and am having rads at the moment
take care Julie XXX

Don’t worry about rabbiting on - we’re all here to help each other - you moan today, I moan tomorrow and we all manage to keep smiling ( well most of the time)
I know what you mean about the websites - I have been warned by my oncologist that info on internet it not always accurate or up to date - some sites great - my breast care nurse suggested this one and I do try to avoid ‘googling’ as you will scare the wits out of yourself.
My husband sais if he caught me looking up silly sites he’d ban me from computer ha!


You are all lovely and have cheered me up no end thank you very much. xxx

Tomorrow is the time to ask all the questions i need answered from the “selected few whom have been brought to this forum”. Please excuse the pun. You will learn over time i usually am a funny person but this is not funny. Just trying to make light out of our situations.

Thanks all again.

Julie xxxx

Going to bed soon got to get ready for the nursery run tomorrow.

Day 3 for me tomorrow.

Dear Julie

Welcome to the forums where I am sure you will continue to receive valuable support and advice from your fellow users. In addition, Breast Cancer Care have published a Resources Pack specifically for anyone newly diagnosed with breast cancer which can be ordered on line, it is filled with information to help you better understand your diagnosis, test results and the various treatments available, you can order it via the following link: breastcancercare.org.uk//content.php?page_id=7514
You are also welcome to contact our freephone confidential helpline on 0808 800 6000 for further support, advice and information from our team of specialist nurses. The helpline is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm. I do hope you find this information useful.

Kind regards
Breast Cancer Care

Hi Julie

I am another Julie also with a 3 yr old and it is devastating when you get the dx. I have ductal Invasive grade 3 either 2 smallish (2.2cm + 1.8cm) tumours close together or one larger one joined by ‘threads’ appparently, they don’t know which yet. Only got one chemo under belt and waiting for results to see if spread to lymph nodes but once you start being treated, with you the surgery you know something is being done and you can concentrate on moving forward. You will find so much support on this site, like I have, everyone is fantastic, shame we all didn’t meet on another site!! Don’t worry about rabbiting on etc. Let it all out on here whether you want to scream and shout get angry, cry or have some funny moments we are all here for each other.

Anyway here’s me going on now so take care for now good luck for the surgery.



Hi Julie and welcome,

I’m Carole, 41 with a wee girl of 2 1/2. I also live in Scotland. I’ve had my surgery and I’m half way through chemo, oh the joys. My daughter keeps me going, she’s fab, at the kissing and cuddling stage you know, we had great fun at toddlers yesterday, I never thought we were going to get out of there, she took a real shine to a wee boy!

Anyway just to say hi and you’re in the right place for support here, everyone understands and we’ll get through it together!

Take care


Hi Julie

Just to reiterate what everyone else has said, welcome to this supportive site, one we would all rather not be on.

I too am in Scotland, dx with invasive ductal cancer last month and so far have had 2 pulses of chemo (4 more to go), the surgery, then radiotherapy.

We all know how you are feeling and I know I have found comfort in joining this site. As well as being comforting knowing you are not alone - I have picked up loads of ‘tips’ from the other women on here and will continue to do so.

We are all in this together
Sending cyber hugs to all

Thanks all and nice to meet everyone again.

Seems more real today I received the confirmation letter from perth hospital to say I will be admitted on the 19th at 11am and surgery next day. The letter does not state how they are going to get this thing out of my body. :frowning:

Apparently I have to have a wire fitted whilst in the mammogram machine. No mention of what happens next.

I am also having problems finding childcare. My ex partner is not allowed to take my son at present. Long story.

I have no friends here apart from one neighbour whom can take my son for one day. I should only be in for one day.

Julie xxx

Hi Julie,

Just got home from my op to remove my milk ducts this afternoon. I had the op yesterday morning.
If you would like a chat or to ask me anything i use the ‘have i got breast cancer’ forum.
Im really tired and have a jelly brain at the mo but will get back to you tonight if you post.
Take care and sorry youve had to join this forum
claire xxx

Hi Julie

Glad you found us - if you know what I mean. This site is fab and I have already benefited from loads of advice and support.
I am 40 and have two children 5 and 3 - diagnosed 30th July with invasive ductal - had WLE and SNB 21st Aug - now awaiting the dreaded results - next wed. It will depend on your surgery to what help you will need - I personally felt ok to look after the children it was only when they went to Nannys for a few days did I realise how rough I felt. You will have to see how things go - the other thing is I was told one night in hospital but ended staying 2 - so would suggest a plan B. Do not want to be all doom and gloom. I am 10 days post surgery and physically feel fab. Just want to know the plan for future.
Take care.

Hi Julie

Sorry to hear about your dx. Yes the waiting is killing. At least you have your little one to keep you busy. There is no easy way to get through all this time but the 20th will come soon. We are practically in September now so less than three weeks eh. I’m having a mastectomy on the 12th September with node clearance. I think I’m lucky to have found a lump and got dx’d as there are so many ladies out there who dont know they have ‘it’. We will be looked after now for years!!!
Look after yourself and heres to wasting time away…

love Vanessa

Hi Julie

Like you I am in Scotland and have a family history of bc. My mum died from cancer fifteen years ago. Several aunts and cousins have also had bc. I was diagnosed with dcis a few weeks ago and go for op on Monday. I have been quite lucky though and the consultant thinks that it has been caught really early and that I will not need rads or chemo so have been praying hard that they’re right about that. I don’t normally feel particularly old at 55 but reading the posts on this site makes me think that I’ve been lucky not to have fallen foul of bc many years ago. So many of you are so much younger and coping with young children at the same time. I really feel for you. My son is all grown up and, in fact, I’m going to be a granny in seven months time. Hopefully by then the worst of this will be a distant memory. Anyway, I’m sure you will find this site a great support - just knowing there are so many others out there in a similar situation all encouraging each other and sharing tips and experiences is just brilliant. I’ve been on here every spare minute since the diagnosis. Feel like I’ve got a lot of cybermates and am really grateful for them.

God bless.


Hi julie

just wanted to send you my support I am off to have my op on tuesday and am not sure what theyre doing except I have t in both breasts…I too usually post in “have I got breast cancer” part of the forums and my threads are all there…

It is hard not knowing what to expect and the vast rang of emotions thoughts and feelings are surprising but we all suffer here at some point and it does help as the ladies here really do understand and someone usually can help!

Keep posting and good luck!! lots of love LJ xx

PS I am 30 with 2 young kids