Hello, new to this - just had mastectomy

Hi everyone,

I’m 35 and was diagnosed with breast cancer on the 7th of December, and they had me in for a mastectomy 10 days later so it feels like everything is happening so quickly. I got out of hospital yesterday and am currently at home with a drain in (which should come out in the next few days).They took all my lymph nodes as well because one of them looked dodgy.

I don’t know anything about the sort of cancer it is, but I’m seeing my consultant in a couple of weeks time and he’ll give me all the details plus my treatment plan then. I do know I’m almost certain to have chemo.

For now I’m going to enjoy Christmas with my boyfriend and try not to stress. It’s good to “meet” you all though obviously I wish none of us were here!!

Goldfinch xx

Hi Goldfinch, just about to go in now to have a wide excision and lymph node removal, someone said on this put your drain bag into a champagne bottle bag for festive feelings. my husband and 3 kids (26, 23 and 21) are doing christmas lunch, so it better be good! wrapped my presents last night and fingers crossed will be home for xmas eve. as i know i have to have chemo i went to the wig shop yesterday they were absolutely fantastic and had a laugh with the ladies in their too. as gordon ramsey says food done, i say surgery soon to be done! wig done, and waiting for the next stage. keep your head up and smiling and have a lovely xmas even tho it will be hard. xx

Hi Goldfinch and welcome to the BCC forums

In addition to the support you have here please feel free to call our helpline for a listening ear, the line is open 9-5 weekdays and 9-2 Sat (Xmas opening hours are posted on the forums) on 0808 800 6000.

BCC provide services specifically aimed at younger women which you may be interested in, you can read more here:


We have published a resource pack for anyone newly diagnosed and you may wish to read about it and order a copy via this link:


Take care

Hi Goldfinch

Just to let you know that you aren’t alone and this forum really helps you to feel this.

I was due to start chemo on monday but had a reaction so postponed till 5/1. After 6 lots i will also have a mastectomy. At 41 it’s a bit of a shocker, particularly with no family history but feel that i’m in good hands.

There are lots of great threads and people on here, which helps alot.


Hi Goldfinch

Just wanted to say welcome to this site…a place we all wish we didnt have to be, but the support is great! you are not alone.

Take care, Tracey xx

Hi Goldfinch, as above, just wanted to welcome you here and send you my best wishes for a great Christmas with your boyfriend.

Hi Goldfinch, sorry you’ve had to find your way here, but welcome along! I had a mastectomy and node clearance just under six weeks ago, and have just started chemo - it’s not fun, but we’ll all get through this.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get your drain removed before Christmas Day, because it really will feel like a Christmas present when that’s gone!!! Carrying it around in a bag is a def. good idea - mine lived in a spongebob satchel so I didn’t forget to pick it up when I moved!!

My breast care nurse advised me to ‘prepare for chemo’, as much due to my age as anything (I’m 41), and it is good advice - at least then, if you don’t need it, it’s a bonus!!!

Have a lovely Christmas with your boyfriend, enjoy every moment, indulge in a good few glasses of wine and lots of chocolate (because you’re worth it).

Sophie xxxxxxxxxx