Hello x

I was diagnosed in March after a routine family history Mammogram found what they suspected was quite extensive dcis. I had a lumpectomy on 26th March and was found to have invasive tumours as well which were removed with the dcis. My local hospital decided a mastectomy was the best way of dealing with it, and I kinda prepared myself for that, but after some nagging from my family I had a second opinion at the Marsden which I must say have been brilliant. I had the sentinel node biopsy a couple of weeks and find out the results this week. I was feeling very calm about everything until today I recieved a letter saying I need to have an MRI Scan of the breast as well so they can make a decision on whether I need a mastectomy or a partial one. Not really got any questions just felt I wanted to come on here and see if there is anyone else at this stage in there treatment.

Thanks and hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances.

S. xx

hi sorry you had to find you way here but you have come to a very good place . i start my chemo today so ahead of you but i was dx back in feb had a wle and nodes removed i have dcis and invasive c too . i havent had a mastectomy but after having a wle might as well have as they took alot away . i had clear nodes and also had a bone scan which was clear too
hope you get the results you want i hated the waiting worse place to be but once you know wots wots and wot treatment you will be having it gets better
all the best
maz xx