Hello , I’m 44 , I was firstly diagnosed with High Grade DCIS originally in May 2021.
Because I already suffer from multiple chronic illnesses like Severe Heart Failure, my Cardiologist decided it was best if I have a Single left mastectomy with no reconstruction due to my low heart function and then I didn’t required no treatment afterwards. I was pretty guttered at the time as I requested a double one as I’ve already had 2 benign tumours removed from the right breast. 
The operation went well and had to stay in HDU and another ward for 7 days because of my heart. 
The past few weeks I’ve been having problems with my mastectomy, as it’s not healing very well and now particularly slip opened which I had to have it stitched up yesterday post 4 weeks. 
unfortunately, my diagnosis has now changed. The pathology report says I have grade 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma with High Grade DCIS, there was a vascular invasion, but nothing was found in my noids.
so now I have to have Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and start hormone treatment. 
Has anyone been either in the same boat as me or in it now. 
much love to every one. X

@imlrh77  - welcome to the forum, though I’m sorry you find yourself on here with a BC diagnosis. If you are having chemotherapy first you might want to join the August monthly chemo thread as you will get join others at the same stage and be able to support each other. You will find it by going to the forum home page, then the board “going through treatment” and there you will find the monthly threads. It’s a good idea to have a look through all the boards on offer too. Do ask if you need help finding your way around the forum.

I hope others will come along, but do have a look at the monthly boards. I wish you all the very best for your treatment. Evie xx