Just wanted to say hi to forum. Had mastectomy in April and now had 2 lots of chemo. Registered with forum to look for tips to help with this naf taste in my mouth… Sending out for pineapple now :slight_smile:

Hi Vera,

Welcome to the forum where I hope you will find lots of help and support from fellow members.  I’ve attached a link to our thread “Top tips to help you through chemotherapy” in case you hadn’t seen it:


You might also find it helpful to join one of the monthly chemo threads set up by people starting chemo during the same month as each other.  I’ve attached a link to the June thread:


Very best wishes


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Does the metallic taste affect your enjoyment of eating? If so, might be a good idea to get hold of Chemo recipes, which are supposed to tempt your tastebuds, and in any case are really delicious-sounding too…

Just a thought!

All the best!!:womanlol: