Hi all, have found this forum to be a wealth of information over the past few weeks. I had my first ever mammogram at 47 at the end of March(this has only just be introduced in my area - so lucky!) was recalled and had core biopsy and diagnosed on 7th April with 12mm tumour of mixed type stage 1 borderline 2. Had MRI - not the best experience but nothing further found. I had a WLE and SNB on Monday, felt surprisingly ok after. However I have been struggling ever since with tiredness and feeling spaced out - I guess it could be the anaesthetic. I’m usually a very fit and active person and finding it hard to cope with not being able to do much! I’ve now got to wait for results - all this waiting seems to be the worst part of this journey. I think next stage if all clear will be rads and tamoxifen - not looking forward to either but needs must and all that! Wishing all you ladies out there well with your treatment - you never know what’s round the corner do you? Would love to hear from anyone else who is on this roller coaster ride.

Hi Sharnie,
I was diagnosed in March after going to the docs in February to get a lump checked out, turned out to be just fat but during a biopsy at the clinic they picked up some early stage BC cells that neither the mammogram or US had seen so I’ve been very lucky! Didn’t feel it at the time but a few months down the line can see how fortunate I’ve been, I’ve had lumpectomy and SNB which was clear and only 4mm of grade 1 Tubular cancer was found, I’m now on Tamoxifen which has so far only made me feel tired and will be starting 3 weeks of rads next week, it is indeed a roller coaster and all the waiting for results is horrendous but once your through that and you know your treatment plan things do settle down, I still have days of panic but on the whole I’m feeling good and just keen to get the next few weeks behind me and back to some sense of normality, I’m 47 this month but they havent bought in the earlier screening here yet although mine didn’t show on the diagnostic one at the clinic so doubt it would have been picked up anyway which is a scary thought! Good luck with everything and hoping your results come back clear xx Jo

Hello Sharnie,


I too went for a Mammogram at 48 (pilot scheme in this area) called back for u/s and biopsy.  Went for results and found 2cm lump, Grade 2 ductal.  Am due to have lumpectomy on 11/6 and Rads once wound healed.  They will take lymph nodes and examine and so as you have already said it will mean another period of waiting and worrying. 


I felt a bit better once I knew what my treatment plan was but still have good and bad days.  Just want the op and to get on with treatment.  My gp has said that I will feel tired and out of it but this is mostly anxiety and nerves, she has said to keep busy but rest when my body tells me too.  Luckily I am sleeping okay but hate that feeling when you wake up in the morning and remember ‘I have breast cancer!!!’  Once fully awake I remind myself that so have thousands of other women and I can get through this and out the other end.  It really is a tough time though, hardest form of Character Building I have experienced so far!


Hope your results are good and you dont have to wait too long!



Hi Sharnie and welcome to the BCC forums

I am sorry to read of your recent diagnosis, in addition to the support you have here to help you through this difficult waiting time, please feel free to call our helpliners. They are on hand with practical and emotional support for you on 0808 800 6000 and lines are open 9-5 during the week and 10-2 Sat ( closed this Sat for maintenance)

I am posting a link to further information and support from BCC which I hope you will find helpful:


Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi Sharnie


I am similar to yourself. I was very anxious to begin with. Almost completed the rads, no tiredness or burning as some on here have had. I was on a Moving Forward course and most ladies I met have had little or no side effects with rads & hormones. Wish I knew this when I started. I think the best advice which I read on here was “Don’t go looking for side effects”. Good luck with your treatment.


Sparkle xxx 




Just going to have my operation - lumpectomy - this Friday.  Mine lump is ‘pea’ size but obviously got bigger after the biopsy.  I am very nervous about the operation and I know the anesthetic knocks people out for about a week, and you being spaced out, may be due to strong pain killers?  Tramadol is a particularly spaced out type form of pain relieve!


I just want to know what happens after the operation, as mine is right breast underneath?  Plus 3 sentinal lymph nodes too.  Do they leave a drain in, do they stitch me up or leave the ‘hole’ and pack it out?


Just wondering, first time on here, can’t quite understand where the ‘post’ goes once I press ‘post’!

Hi I am 49 having masectomy on Monday
It is in deed some roller coaster we are on…
I have heard that cocunt water is good to drink
re hydrates the body, may help with tiredness.
Its not pleasant to drink, so add some fruit juice
I wish you all the best too.

Hi Sharnie and ladies,  I’m 46 and was diagnosed in April after finding a grade 2, 22mm lump. Have since had WLE and SNB which I found ok but the cancer had unfortunately spread to the node. 2 weeks ago I had a full lymph node dissection and it took me well over a week to recover from the general and I’m doing lots of arm and shoulder exercises. Now nervous about lymph node results and anticipating chemo. Dreading baldness! I’m planning scarves but tempted to just hibernate for 6 months!


I agree Sharnie, the waiting is absolutely the worst! Once you have a plan, you can just get on with it.


Wishing you all the best! xxx


PS Brilliant forum.