Hi everyone,

My name is Liv and I am pretty new to this site. I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago and had both chemo and radiation. I think the hardest part for me was to deal with the social and emotional side of the cancer recovery.

Inspirational sites  might have been a help for me. What do you think?

And do you know anyone sites like these? And would you consider sharing your story?

Thank you


Hi Liv - am feeling a bit tired tonight, not due to cancer, have had a long day car booting!  I find this site inspirational enough actually.  As for dealing with the social and emotional side, I have certanly undergone some sort of a metamorphosis because I am now more cheeky and extrovert, I say exactly what is on my mind. If I feel like singing, I sing, if I feel like dancing, I dance and I don’t give a stuff if anyone thinks I’m weird or disapproves  - too bad, their problem, “not my monkey, not my tree as they say”!  I am so grateful to be alive, just laugh, love and be happy is my new motto. Cheers!