Hi, I’m new. Just started chemotherapy last Friday. Fec-t.

Good luck. Shame you have had to join us on here!
Half way through FEC-T and starting T on Friday. Just remember the side effects you have been told about aren’t compulsory! It was the best advice my oncologist gave me. Take each day as it comes and don’t beat yourself up if you feel crap somedays.

Hi redpanda, i am in the middle of my chemo, fec-t and i found i fec no were near as bad as i had expected. But like everything else, the unknown can be scary. I have finished my fec and only did 1 t and then am on 6 weekly taxol. I would say take all the medication they give you regardless wether you need the anti sickness or not. Take them coz preventive medicine is better than cure. I wasnt sick at all. Also i kept a diary which i really found useful as i knew what to expect each time and when to expect it. Forwarned is forarmed. I wrote down all my medicine and which worked best for what. I have now done 6 out of 10 chemos, so am past the half way mark and you will be soon. Please ask any questions as it helps to know how other people have dealt with things… Take care x

Thanks for replying. It’s a comfort to have someone out there to share with.