Dear all,
I have had stabbing pains in my right breast for 3 months and I went to the doctors 3 weeks after the pain started and told my gp, I told her that I was on the mirena coil and that I have stopped having periods and she said that the stabbing pains are probably hormonal. She checked me over and found nothing. The pains have continued now for the 3 months and I saw a male doctor who examined me and said he has found a lump, which he thinks is benign and I am sure he said its moving, he has referred me to the breast clinic. I am so scared I cant eat, sleep, my stomache is churning and I feel sick, I can’t think of anything else but the worse. I have two small children and so worried. I am even considering having it looked at private incase I can get it looked at sooner, but not too sure where to go.
Thank you so much for listening, I just wanted to get it off my chest.
Good luck to everyone on this site.
thank you

dont you dare to worry too early girlfriend

your lump may well turn to be benign, the waiting is awful but you have to get strong and try and hold on to the chance that it might be all clear, have you got family support hon

you will get such strong support here we are all family hon

bless you hon

Hi Emma, we are all here for you, just rant and rave if you need to, we will all support you, you need to stay strong and positive, and fingers crossed its all clear, please let us know how you get on.

lots of love


Hi Emma

I ditto what the others have said. You must try to be positive and stay strong, especially for your little ones. It is very hard I know, but they will also keep you going through this. I am 39 with 2 children, one is 4 in December and one is 9 months old. They keep me going and keep me smiling.

Hopefully you won’t have to wait too long. Two weeks should be the max. Come on here though whatever you are feeling and you will get so much support and advice, and we will all help you through this.

Let us know how you are

A painful lump that is mobile is very encouraging. Stay very positive and I am sure it will be OK. Please let us know what happens and I send you a big hug.

Hello Emma, and welcome. You’re doing all the right things, and I so know how hard this is for you right now! I have little ones too and was where you are, this time last year. I too had (and still have) severe stabbing pain in one breast, and a kind of lump-that-isn’t-quite a lump. Mine has been declared benign - I know things are still very uncertain for you, but I just wanted to say, remember it isn’t always the worst case scenario. Right now you’re understandably terrified, but the people here are wonderful.

There is a private hospital in London, the Princess Grace, which does fast track breast assessment. However, having rung them myself when I was in your situation, I would recommend taking a deep breath before you ask the costs!

Sending you hugs and lots and lots of luck for your appointment,
susie x

Hello Emma,

I can totally understand the feeling of panic, especially when you have young kids and imagine the worst. I have had about 6 lumps over the years (large and small, painful and not) and each one has been totally benign. I have another lump (& some other symptoms) now and I also spent the first few days worrying and not sleeping. I have finally come to the place of patiently (trying to!!!) waiting for the scan (mine is next week) as worrying wasn’t getting me anywhere but just stopping me from sleeping and enjoying my kids. I do still have my panic moments but I feel confident I am getting all the help possible and next week will know for sure what I am dealing with.

I hope you get your referral ASAP and push to be seen in 2 weeks if you can. Try & be positive… not easy we all know but hang in there. Everyone on here is so supportive and wishing you the very best.



Thank you all so much for your comments and support, you just feel so alone even though you have people to support you, they don’t really understand what you are feeling.

Thanks and lots of love to everyone

Emma x

Hi Emma

I was in a similar situation to you, as in I had pain in my left breast, although couldnt actually feel a lump - neither could my GP. Two months later I went back, still in pain, but still no lump as such. I was referred to the hospital though, where an ultrasound picked it up, and a biopsy confirmed a week later that it was breast cancer. Please try not to worry, I know its easy to say, as we’ve all been there and the waiting for results is horrendous. Like Olivia said, at least your lump is moveable - which IS a positive sign.

I’m sure you’ll be ok, but please do let us know how you get on.

Love Julie xx

Hi Emma

I agree totally with the others. Its so hard not to worry, the waiting is so hard. I had my results yesterday from my 2nd core biopsy and had excellent news, its benign. That was my right breast. A non painful lump. In my left breast, I have very similar symptoms, it feels like someone is feeding a needle down my nipple, then when that dies off, it itches like crazy. For the last couple of weeks the side of my breast felt bruised, on Saturday night I found a small lump where the bruising feeling is.

My consultant checked it out yesterday, and as he doesn’t know my menstrual cycle, and neither do I (have PCOS) he has asked me to go back in 4 weeks, so we’ll take that one from there. Mine may well be hormonal too, I have the coil, but just the copper non hormonal one!

My first lump was a fibroadenoma, which I had removed, this is a benign lump of tissue. They just turn up spontaeously for no given reason, which is what I think my 2nd one is! My 3rd, we’ll have to wait and see. But I’m feeling much more positive now that I have a definate diagnosis.

I’m sure you will hit some pretty low points as you wait, its only natural, but you do need to try and get on with things. Its sooooo hard I know, I’ve cried buckets over the last few weeks, but the girls on here have pulled me through, and we will do the same for you. If ever you need to vent anything, then you are more than welcome to join us here babe!

Please take care and try not to worry. 9 out of 10 lumps turn out to be harmless!

Heidi xx