I hope I have this right??
I’m posting to introduce myself to you and offer a bit of background. I now have my sbc diagnosis, and have bee passed to the care of the oncologists. I am 8 yrs on from primary diagnosis, and was getting on with life. Always aware but never preoccupied by the
Prospect of reoccurrence. So far only lung mets have been identified but full body scans are in the pipeline. After an upsetting three weeks getting my head round this likely outcome, I now feel a greater sense of hope that life will carry on as was, at least for a bit. The E positive status if my cancer has increased to 7/8 on the scale so this makes me a candidate for the hormone treatments. As I was expecting the sickness, incapacity and hair loss that accompanied my chemo last time, I’m relieved. More importantly I know chemo options will be there for me when/ if I need them. My outlook has shifted and is easing. Hearing about some of you living well(ish) with mets is further encouragement. I have told my 12 and 17 year old who seem to be coping. My youngest is very emotionally savvy and asked me why I was happy - "when your cancer has come back? " I’ve had three weeks of ruminating and worry. The treatment options I now have give me much comfort, he has just been hit with news his mum has cancer again, so he is devastated. My heart breaks. When he asked me what happens if the treatments don’t work for me…

I’m hoping to learn from you all and take encouragement from your posts. I’m sorry to be here but glad the support is available. Xxxlucy

Hi verity, welcome to the forum, sorry you have had to join us but you have come to the the right place for support, knowledge and a sympathetic ear should you need to off load…also as you may have read on the other threads we can be a mad bunch who like a good old giggle too…The disease does not rule are lifes!!!

It sounds like you are already being very positive about your dx and treatments that maybe on offer to you, I’m also an hormone positive lady, dx with mets in March 2014 to hips ribs and spine and currently on letrozole, I have zoladex injections monthly to put me into menopause ( I’m 48) also have denosumab injections ( bone strengthers and helps with pain) monthly. So far I manage ok with paracetamol and naproxen for pain relief.

Hope this helps and I’m sure you will get lots more replies and info from the other lovely ladies on here too.

Hugs Janette xxxx 

Welcome verity.
Well you have had two lovely replies from ladies that understand the treatments and you now have a plan of action.I’m glad your children are now involved too so they will b able to pitch in.
Looks like chemo is not involved …hooray for the moment .
It’s always a shock as I was dx in 2004 …did the op, rads and chemo and then sort of got on with life until October 2015 when I was dx with bone Mets.
Anyway keep posting and there will be so much support here to get you through all these initial weeks.
Hugs xx

Thank you ladies for your support and advice. It might not always be possible to take husband so I might id a friend who might attend with me from time to time- good advice. It is especially good to hear about lung mets disappearing as I would love to get back in my bike! Breathing is still compromised at the moment despite having the fluid drained. I have a great bunch of mates so feel well supported. I have lots of things to consider with work, sick pay, reducing my hours etc so if anyone has any experience or knowledge re that I’d be keen to hear. Thanks for now. Xx

Hi verity
There is a few threads about claiming pip on the board’s and a lot of us do claim it. It’s not means tested in anyway and it just needs your doctor or oncologist to confirm you have been dx with secondaries.
I got mine by applying for blue badge for parking and when I was being assessed was told I could have this as well. You can just ring a number 03456016677 answer a few questions and it starts it all going. Mine took eight weeks but was backdated so it was fine.
This payment is variable but is to help with extras , reducing working hours or anything to make life easier for you.
Hugs xx