Hi All,
Just wanted to get on to thread as looking to start chemo in next couple of weeks so interesred in all experiences :slight_smile: had mastectomy/recon in Dec, clearance in Jan and next phase is the chemo. Having 3 x FEC and 3 x Docetaxel?? Is anyone taking any additional supplements?

Hi had same as you last August. See September threads for all the details.

Hi Rachael I also due to start chemo soon I have my pre assessment on 6.3.2017 … I have joined the Feb 2017 and there is some lovely ladies who have started chemo … wishing you well xx and sending hugs x

Hi RachelElizabeth,

The March 2017 chemothereapy starters thread is up, so you may wish to start posting there.

I hand a mastectomy/recon in May 2016 and finished my chemoand radiotherapy on 26th October.

My regime was 6 x FEC.

As to taking supplements - it is a slightly challenging question, as it is a very personal decision. However, as you go through chemotherapy you ought to discuss the ones you may be taking with your treatment team, as some can be contraindicative to your chemo treatments.

I suppose, the reality, through chemo is, that as so many of our quick growing cells are being destroyed - there may be a question with regard to effectiveness through that time. However eating a balanced diet, high in fruit and vegetables, as well as fibre and cutting down on saturated fats may be helpful over that time. Many, who go through chemo find they get cravings, as they may have experienced through pregnancy. I cetainly went with those cravings! It was more important to me to be kind to myself, that struggle to make myself only eat healthily, lol.

Sue x

Hi Rachel,


I’ve had a mastectomy and have just had my 1st FEC (5 more to go) 9 days ago.  I am a very sicky person and was terrified of being so ill.  But, I am pleased to say that I haven’t been sick once.  This is down to the anti sickness pills I know, but they seem to have got my medicines right as I have been able to work from home this week and next week I’m going back to the office. (I don’t have to work, they are quite happy for me to take the time off)  but to me its normality, which is what I crave.  I have had some of the SE’s, dizziness, sore mouth, aching bones, tingly hands and feet, but all of it has been manageable.  What’s lovely as well is that the other 3 ladies who I met on here are the same. It is doable.





Hello Rachel and Angie. I have also had FEC-T chemotherapy and can confirm what others have said about FEC - controlling sickness and nausea is key to coping with it in the days immediately after each treatment. You will be given anti-sickness medication to help with this, and it usually goes away after a few days, but if the medication isn’t effective don’t suffer in silence, ask for help. The other thing to be aware of is the risk of infection, because chemotherapy lowers our immunity. You may be given injections to boost your white blood cells, which will help, but could give you joint/ bone pain. You will also be advised to avoid exposing yourself to risks of infection during the most vulnerable period, which is Days 7-14 of each cycle. I won’t pretend chemotherapy is easy, because it usually isn’t, but with the right support you will cope. The 2017 thread is now up and running so you will be able to join that and chat to other ladies going through chemotherapy at the same time as you. In the meantime, you can look at the information Sue H-S has posted, and as Aine says you can also look at other threads from 2016 to get some idea of what to expect. Good luck with your treatment. XXX

Silverlady - I had 6 cycles of FEC-T, (including IV targeted therapy with the T) without a PICC line. My veins are quite prominent and usually very easy to cannulate. The nurses alternated arms to give the veins chance to recover between treatments, but even so, they started to suffer after infusion 4. I got painful, swollen lumps under the skin, which the nurse said was veinous phlebitis caused by the cumulative effects of the FEC. I was given Heparinoid (Hirudoid) cream which helped a lot, so if they won’t let you have a PICC and your veins start to suffer, I would definitely recommend asking for this. I have to admit my veins are still not quite right even now, but they are a lot better than they were when I finished, and I dread to think what they would have been like without the cream.

Hi All…I mentioned a line to my chemo nurse who I met with for a pre session chat, she didn’t mention a line in my arm but said if my veins fail me I would be offered a port in my chest?? This is a mini op and the port is inserted under the skin so washing etc all fine…anyone else know about this??