I was diagnosed with a tiny (6mm) lump after a mammaogram at the end of July. Lump cannot be felt, so it was a complete shock.


I had the biopsy and then the results 2 weeks ago 


On Friday I am to have a lumpectomy and Sentinel node biopsy. Hopefuly it will not have spread and then I can get on with Radiotherapy (3weeks) and (I presume) tamoxifen for 5 years.



I would say I am in a state of repressed panic - no oomph and not sleeping well. Feeling queasy at times too.


I know that statistically it is going to be OK in the end - small lump found early etc, but that’s not much help at 3am.


Waiting for results is going to be a nightmare - 2 weeks of what if…


It’s good to see I am not alone.


And welcome to the forum.

Yes, I remember that feeling well. I walked around in a daze for a few weeks and certainly didn’t eat much. These are the worst times. Once you get started on your treatment and know what you are dealing with, it does get easier.

Best wishes for your op. Please come and chat whenever you wish. It might be worth visiting the Going through Treatment section too. It’s a good place to share tips and support each other.

Sue xx

Hi Willowherb.
Our journeys are similar.
7mm found on mammogram end of June. Small abnormal area as well so had that vacuum excised last week now waiting on results. Boy that waiting is hard !!.
Good luck on Friday.
Let me know how u get on xxx

Hi Willowherb,
You’re defo no alone, in fact your diagnosis is very similar to mine when diagnosed just over a couple of years ago. Mine was 7mms.
Like you, I had no idea & blithely went along to the recall mammo appointment, convinced there was not a problem…but hey, there it was?
As it turned out, it was all quite straightforward & back to life as normal after a few months & all’s well.
Thank god I went for that mammo.
It will be fine.
ann x

Hi Willow,
Bit of both really, but it’s good it’s small as it’s been picked up early.
The final results come through after surgery once the whole thing is looked at. BCs are graded from 1-3, with 1 being the least aggressive. My bc came back as 2 - intermediate. I did not need chemo & had radiotherapy & now on tamoxifen.
It also depends on the Her2 results, as if a bc is Her2positive, then normally chemo & herceptin is recommended, but it’s less likely to come to that.
It sounds like the mammo did it’s job & like me, the diagnosis was as early as it could be, so that’s good.
A full recovery is the normal outcome in this situation.
ann x

There’s every reason to be positive, Willowherb. You’ll be rid of the little sod in a couple of days!