Hello Everyone,


i haven’t posted in here for a long long time as I get inundated with messages from my family (I don’t live locally to them) and I’m also a member of another group so I find it hard to keep up. I am sorry though as it is nice to be in touch. I’m posting today as I logged in and noticed there were a few people saying it would be nice to have updates from some of the April ladies.


I finished chemo two weeks ago tomorrow, thought I’d feel euphoric but have felt so ill since then I’m not sure it’s sunk in. I currently have a chest infection which has floored me really, day four of antibiotics today though so I’m hoping to feel better soon. I have a mastectomy, full node clearance and DIEP reconstruction booked for 03rd September which I’m dreading as I know it’s big surgery but keep telling myself it will soon be over and then it’s rads. 


I am truly amazed by some of you on here with your ability to continue with everyday life whilst going through treatment. I hardly have the energy to walk from one room to another never mind go out running. ?


Good luck to everyone with the rest of your treatment.


love Mandy xx