Hello recently i wos diagnosticate with brest cancer grade 2.i am scare .i will start chimioteraphy.someone have this before o can give me some advice.i am verry worried and scare.

Hi Stefy, Sorry you find yourself here but welcome. I am not currently having chemo as my treatment so cant offer advice on that but there are lots of lovely ladies on here who I am sure will be able to help.

My diagnosis was 2 lumps of grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma and some DCIS. I had a lumpectomy in July and having another surgery on Friday as they didn’t quite get it all. Hopefully I will have radiotherapy but may have chemo, its not clear yet.

I hope you find the answers you are looking for and best of luck.

Jo xx

Hi, I got my diagnosis 2 weeks ago and I know exactly how are you feeling. I am still in shock. Did you do all scans? What is your exact diagnosis? My is invasive lobular breast cancer  stage 2, grade 2, and according to scans no metastasis. I still don’t know my treatment plan, and that scares me too. I got a great support here. You can write to breast nurse here, that is also helpful. I used calming pills in order to make it easier for my mental health. After two weeks I can say that I accepted my diagnosis and that I must fight  We have to find a motiv. In my case, two kids, the older with autism, who needs me a lot.

I hope I helped a little bit!

Try to help yourself accept the condition and to find the way to reduce fear and sadness! 

Best regards,  Jenny