Hellooooooo from istanbul with an update for the newbies :

a clear mamo after one year…
and definetely NED …
next check-up
august for blood
and december for breast usg.
and a colonoscopy in september
My surgeon told me everything fine so far…

before my mamo i went for 4 weeks sea holiday
swam a lot and got a beautiful sun tan…
my hair has grown a lot , curly and dark
i look like Rizzo in grease :slight_smile: LOL
Only problem : terrible terrible cramps and
very painfull body aches due to tamoxifen ??? lack of estrogen ???

Girls as i allways say , i read my group every day
and i take everything in my heart…like JaneRa and Debs in Cornwall loss and all the other GREAT WOMEN…may they rest in peace…

For those who doesnt remember here my story :
and yessss there is a light after the dark…

Age : 42 / no children
dx : april 14 2009 bilateral
surgery : may 15 2009 bilateral lumpectomy
pathology :
left : combination of DCIS + IDC + ILC spots in a 6 cm spread / 12 pos. nodes
right : ILC 1.5 cm no nodes…
er and pr + / her2 -
Treatment : 6 rounds chemo - TAC ( yes the terrible taxotere it self ) - and 33 rounds radioth.
finished treatment : first week of December…

during the pet scans etc…blood, liver , brain, uterus everything was clear except with some density shown on my lungs. The world froze and i was not able to breath : they asked for a PET-CT …I got the results yesterday , those areas were due to a very heavy cold i had a month ago and the others scars were old scars from the TB i been thru years ago.
Yes my first year and i am NED …

Due to my Ashkenaz ancestry i am tested on BRCA and will got the results in a couple of months.Than my breast surgeon and onco will decide the further steps.

Going back to chemo and rad period : yes i gain weight , i start chemo with 68 kg / end of chemo i was 80 kg. But when i start radiotherapy i start a diet too and now i am 70 kg so only 3 kg more to go. During chemo yes my blood counts were low but i choose to not get those bone marrow injections because it was clearily written on leaflet that " it might also regenerate not only healthy cells but also malignant cells . That was my choice…, like i choose also to not take any anti-deppressants. .the only supplement i took during chemo was reservatrol or grape seed extract with he approval of my doctor. Chemo was doable except for the hair loss and the moon face :slight_smile: radiotherapy hit me more after 2 weeks, feeling extremely weak, heavy body aches of bones and muscles.My radiotherapy was finished on December but still the side -effects are vanishing very slowly. Yes i am on tamoxifen and its not so bad for me , hot flashes and head & sweats but mostly during the night…
Since the beginning of this journey i stayed calm, never said why me or cried.It was times i was very very scared ,but much mıch less now… The only thing i want from the Lord is a safe and quick passage to his garden…I dont mind if its tomorrow, all i care is even if i have 24 hours i want it to be decent…

My family : just a sister and niece AND THEY ARE WONDERFULL… … also i have great loving friends… i am lucky in that side.

My medical care is covered by the Turkish health ministry due to my father who was a civil servant. Some of the tratment were in state university hospitals and some in private. But we have here in Turkey the most advanced oncological systems updated with western systems.

My “gourmet” regime hasnt changed much because i was also a very healthy eater and cook before and i still am : no bbq, no grilled or fried stuff, a lot of soups, veggies,grains, fish and fruits, oven baked or steam cooking…
I drink fresh orange and carrot juice everday . My alternatif medicines are daily :
** daily steamed broccoli and zucchinis
** a teaspoon of curcumin mixed with black pepper heated on olive oil
and taken with water
** a table spoon of dry grape seeds and also extract
** table spoon of olive leaf extract
** 1000 mg vita. c
** 1000 mg vita d3
** beta glucan
** table spoon of bitter melon extract in olive oil
** omega 3 fish oil capsule
** selenium
** ace ( combination of vit. a + vit. e and selenium )
** co.enz q 10
** green tea 4 cups
** 2 liters of water…
** veggies,fruits, yoghurt,honey,molasses, nuts
** lean red meat once a week
** poultry and fish
** no alcohol (very very rarely a glass of wine)
** no smoking

Though i am very far from all of you, in my heart i feel very close.

And folks, if you want anything from Turkey, you or anybody close to you is going to travel here, i will do my best to help, just let me know.

I pray that blessings and grace will shine allways upon you , yr families and yr loved ones.

HAPPY SUMMER to ALL :)))))))))))

HUGS + KISSES from Istanbul to each of YOU from the bottom of my heart…


what a lovely inspirational post for the new ladies seda!!!
beautiful words !
I too am coming through the other side… i had my chemo and single mastectomy finished last november, still on herceptin till september and i have another mastectomy in 17 days time with immediate tramflap reconstruction.
It is so nice to see others posting positive thoughts, I went to turkey in February to antalya lovely place and sunshine !!!
have a great day
Take care

Hi Seda,
I had my second FEC yesterday, so a long way to go. But reading your post this morning has left me with a feeling of ‘yes l can do it’ sometimes you tend to dwell in your own sadness of this horrid cancer.(well a lot of the time to be truthful)
So to read something so inspiring is a wonderful start to a beautiful sunny day here in England.

Wishing you everything l would wish every child/lady/man going through this dreadful cancer, no matter what type of cancer!

Going to have a cup of green tea now, so will drink to your wonderful news, and your very good health
Lots of hugs coming your way
Sandra xxx

Hi Seda,
how lovely to hear from you as I often wondered what had happened when you went quiet and I worried about you. Remember we spoke on the phone when I was in Turkey last year. A fab post and well done for battling through all the treatment. I had a full set of tests in April of this year, which was my 2 year check - CT scan, whole body bone scan, 4 mammos, full blood profiles and tumour markers and they came back good. So I know how you feel, so very fortunate and wishing good luck could shine on everyone. Gosh what a lot of things you are taking. Best wishes to you and your family
Lily x

Hello Seda and how nice to hear from you again! Gosh, how the past year has flown!! I’m delighted to hear you are doing so well.
My love to you and your family,

Josie xx

Hi Seda I visited my Turkish family in Izmir in May and I thought of you.there is talk that they might move to Istanbul next year as my son is expecting a promotion-if it happens we may meet :slight_smile:
Glad things are going well for you at the moment.
Love Valxx

thank you for all yr nice posts…
i feel really glad if i was able to
give a little breeze of happiness and motivation
thru our cyber communications…

i just want to add :
i just finished a 3 day
liver flush and i feel good
very easy to do :
lots of fresh apple puree wit
apple vinegar for 3 days
lots of water and the last night
a glass mixed with 1/2 cup virgin olive oil
1 lemon juice and warm water…
because the liver its the most important place
we have to treat very nicely and kind :)))))))

Blessings and love from Istanbul…

XOXO - Seda

Hi Seda,i have been away from the site for a while,it’s so good to read your encouraging post.thanks for sharing your happiness and bubbly spirit with us

Hi Seda - I remember you from last year - so good to read your post and know you are doing so well.

Love and Hugs


Hi Seda, good to hear from you and see that you are doing ok. We have all come along way since last year havent we!!
Take care, love debs xxxx