Help a friend



A friend of mine has been having chemo for the past 6 months. This month, she was told by her doctor that the treatments were no longer working and she has to stop so they can find out why they haven’t been working. Since then, my friend has been crying everyday, thinking of her family and what will happen to them when she dies. I don’t know what to tell her but only that stopping the treatments didn’t mean that she was going to die. What should I do to help her? I can’t stand looking at her depressed and sad. 

Your friends doctor needs to clarify what he means and how and when they will find out why the chemo hasn’t worked. Could you go with your friend to the doctor? You could speak to one of the nurses here on the forum. They will hopefully able be able to give you better advice than I can. I do hope that your friend will not have to wait too long
to get some answers!