Help & Advice needed re when chemo ends and rads start!

I wondered if you ladies can help - I realy really want to book a nights stay in a hotel for me and my husband for when my chemo ends . Not right after obviously but maybe a few weeks afterwards but i wondered when they usually start the rads. I have had 3 fec & 3 tax and am due to have rads but i have booked it 3 times now and keep changing it as i book it and then panic i won’t be well enough etc!! I am a patient at the Marsden Sutton and have now booked 2nd August (friday night) at the hotel knowing i’ll probbaly be having rads that very morning - is this silly?? I finish my chemo hopefully on the 4th July so i figured this would be a good time gap but can only do a friday night or a Sunday night as they don’t do 1 night stays on a Saturday (which would be ideal) and so i either have to have rads on the friday and go staright down to Brighton OR have a sunday night stay with two non rads day under my belt and then go staright to the Marsden from Brighton - i know this is rambling but i’m so stressed trying to plan this one night part of me wants to just cancel it but i know after the worst year of my life my husband and i need a break from our baby & toddler and i really need to book it as its a very popular hotel and a very popular room that i have provisionally booked and i really want a date to look forward to!!

ANY info on how soon rads usually start and how i would feel goingto Brighton that very same day would be soooo helpful!! I’ve had a lumpectomy and further node removal (1 node involved) and will have a masectomy at some point through choice and don’t know what to expect!!



I will finish FEC chemo on 10 June (Hurrah!) and have booked a week’s holiday on the 28th hoping I will feel a bit more energetic. I asked Oncologist how soon to expect rads and he said 3 or four weeks. I am having 5 weeks of rads and then a year’s Herceptin. Its difficult to work out when we are going to feel ok and be free of treatment for a few days. I am going to tell them that I will be away from 28th and hopefully they will see me either before or after this date. After all life goes on and we do need to make plans.

Maybe you will have 3 or four weeks before rads start like me. Anyway all the best and enjoy your night out - you certainly deserve it!

love Judy x


Finished tax Feb 13th. Was advised to book a holiday the third week of that cycle so went away beginning of March (bit of a struggle but i did drive myself 100 miles). Was due to have planning session for rads whilst away but they moved it back a week.

Suggest you phone your Onc’s secretary and put the proposal to them. you often have a gap between planning session (because of waiting list)and starting (mine was two weeks) so you may be able to fit it in between planning and starting . Something else to ask ,do all new patients start on a Monday. At my centre they are staggered throughout the week. I actually started on a Tuesday. Talk to the secretary or your BCN

Whatever else enjoy the break


thanks - i guess if i keep the booking for the beginning of august i can always tell them this and they may try and start it after that as it is only 4 weeks after my last tax and i have struggled with it so far it so a months break would be great. I just want so much for it to be a sucess as we have booked a meal in the hotel restaurant which is meant to be amazing and i want to get dressed up and feel fab as its been sooo long and i would hat eto mess up and cancel i guess. The room i want is an attic room with a feestanding bath and a balcony and its so romantic and quaint and i am trying to get the childcare an dthe room and not have rads the same day/day after and its doing my head in!! i can’t cancel, i refuse…!

Hi Mel. My radiotherapy started four weeks after the chemo finished. If you have only just started radiotherapy you are unlikely to feel any side effects at all for a couple of weeks at least, and it should not stop you having a wonderful, romantic night away. Sounds lovely and I hope you have a fabulous time - I’m sure it will do you the world of good. As others have suggested, let the radiotherapy department know that you have this booking, I’m sure they’ll try to be helpful! Good luck and enjoy!

HI Mel , I finshed chemo feb 27th and started rads around 7 wks later ! This was down to me though , I wanted a week in cornwall over the easter hols with the children and not be tied to London. They were fine with this and were very accommodating. My oncologist said there was no risk in the delay. You need your break away , have a great time !
Cally x

Hi my chemo finished mid march, had op in April and had first rads today,I have read somwhere that you need to start rads within 6 months of chemo finishing for it to be effective,but am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong,

Take Care


my onc said to treat rads as though it was my 9th chemo therefore 3 weeks after finishing chemo, it is therefore 3.5 weeks, taking into account the weekend.

I have booked a weekend away before rads start, which will be 14th july