Help after surgery plz

Hi I’ve just finished chemo,Lumpectomy scheduled for feb with 1 node affected! Then radiotherapy…does any1 know how they now if they have got all the cancer? Does everyone have a CT or MRI after all this? Or do they just no? I’m worrying again I know! I’ve only had mammagram and ultrasound when diagnosed and a liver n kidney ultrasound all clear! The thought of more tests and bad news scares me
I’m grade 3 IDC Er and her2 positive…

Hi Sam

It’s all such a worrying time isn’t it? We do understand.

The surgeon will know whether its all been removed thoroughly. When removing the lump, they are looking for clear margins. Most of the time they do achieve this. However, if they are not happy with it, then more surgery is done…I think they call it a shave…so that clear margins are achieved. They will remove some nodes and these will but tested to make sure they’ve got it all. You won’t need anymore tests afterwards.

Hope this helps

Sue xx

Thanks Sue C

A great help,I just want the bugger out of me now,apparently I’ve done the hard part ( chemo ) hoping radiotherapy ain’t as bad xx