Help and Advice Ladies Please

Hello everyone ,
Just need to rant and ask for any help or advice you might be able to give me.
Brief history DX july 07, 2.3 cm IDC grade 3 no nodes. finished treatment WLE ,Chemo,Rads March this year and now on Tamoxifen. For the past 6 mths been suffering from what gp says is shoulder impingement/frozen shoulder had 10 weeks physio which didnt cure the prob, so onc ordered a CT scan which i had 2 weeks ago. I went for results today and still dont have a answer for my shoulder problem but the scan has revealed a couple of areas of concern. It seems i have a nodual on my thyroid and an area of concern on my hip and lower spine, I now have to wait for bone scan and an ultrasound for thyroid and probable needle biopsy.
As you can imagine im in a panicked state at the min and the tears have been unstopable since getting home. I Hate this bloody desease and what it does to us , and now i have to play the waiting game again . I know i have to wait for the results of the scans which is going to take another 2 weeks after haveing them done (unbearable) but if you can give me any advice or help with your expierences especialy if anyone has had any thyriod noduals id realy appreciate it.
Im due to see an orthopedic surgeon next week for shoulder/arm and hope he can help with that…
Hope you are all doing ok
Love Lindiloo x

Hi Lindiloo

I did a search on the threads and found this:-

‘I have had further tests on my thyroid and a biopsy, as there are large nodules on the thyroid gland. Most certainly benign, so nothing too much to worry about, but the problem is caused by an auto-immune condition called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. (sound quite strange - I know). I googled it, and there seems some evidence that BC sufferers are more likely to get this - a breakdown of auto-immune system?’

Thought it may be of interest to you.

I’m a bit behind you, just over half way through my chemo but am going through exactly the same. When I first started chemo I told the onc that I’d had a bad shoulder for a couple of months. He ordered a CT scan which showed no problem in the shoulder (tendonitis I’m told) but did show nodules on the liver and adrenal gland. Had a further CT scan 10 days ago and get the results this Friday. I’m dreading it. People tell you that the majority of these things are benign but it’s really hard to stay positive and your head’s all over the place.

Thinking of you


I have a touchy feely check up every few months and asked about scans and the consultant surgeon said something that’s stuck with me…

unless you’ve had a perfect life with nothing ever going wrong with scan will show up something and it would need to be checked out so if this is your first scan I’d not panic too much yet… I would probably still be panicking though so I know it’s easier said than done.

Hope it’s nothing.


Hi Lindaloo

Try not to worry babe!! I have had so many probs (auto immune for many years) before the BC this year!!

Thyroid can be sorted I was so poorly 7 years ago with overactive thyroid and ulcerative colitis!

Take heart it can be sorted

Lots of love
Kay xx

so sorry you have even more to deal with and can understand how worried you must be feeling. I am really worried about stopping chemo because it makes me feel a bit safer, no guarantee of course. I thought you might like to know that 90% of thyroid tumours are not cancerous. Also a friend of mine with Bc that only had rads has been plagued with shoulder trouble and cried all through rads from the position they put her in. She has had physio since March and is still having trouble with it. She was told that her Ct scan might show problems because she has some osteoporosis, which they double checked with a bone scan and hers was ok on that.
Wishing you lots of luck
Lily x

Thank you ladies for all your comments .it realy helps to be able to talk with others that know what we all have to go through.
Mal, bless you for doing a search and getting me some info for thyroid thank you .Im so sorry your haveing to deal with more scans too , your right its bloody hard to keep positive all the time , the waiting for results is always the worst and we have all been there so many times. I will be keeping everything crossed for you for friday and hope all will be ok.((((((()))))) please let me know how it gos x

Thanks Angie , i think your right about scans will always show up something, the only other time i had a ct scan was for rads planning. Hope you are ok , how far are you with your treatment?.x

Thank you too Kay, and sorry to hear you have had so many problems ,hope you are doing ok . Im not sure where you all are treatmentwise but hang in there , it does get better i promise.
All the best to you all
Love and hugs
Lindiloo xx


After having Arthritis in the neck for over 20 years I had got used to waking up in pain every morning, then 4 months ago after shifting tons of soil and gravel in my garden,(silly of me) a tendon in my shoulder decided it had had enough and I could hardly move my arm. Then in early September I get the diagnosis of breast cancer a day before I started physio for the shoulder tendon, Oh and my front tooth (crowned) broke off at the gum so I’m going around with a pirate grin at the moment. My blood tests have showed abnormal liver funtion but ultrasound of liver was fine, and today I got conformation that my lumpectomy and sentinal node biopsy will go ahead as planned on Friday 10/10. This journey is a bit of a nightmare at times but I’m detemined to keep my sense of humour and laugh and have fun at every opportunity while I can!

big hugs to you all


Thanks Lilly,
Ive had my shoulder problem since a couple of weeks of finishing rads , i too tend to think it has something to do with rads, I cant get it up my back or above my head, but the worst pain is in my bicep, if i jolt my arm , it realy is a drop to your knees clutching your arm kinda pain excruciating.arghhhh funny thing is the evening of my ct scan i forgot and went to catch something from dropping and something snapped in my arm and the bicep muscle popped out and back again, it was like an elastic band being streached and snapping so i think i may have ruptured something. Its painfull to sleep on so not sleeping well.Hopefully orthopedic surgeon will know what the problem is and can sort it out.
Hope you are not haveing too many side effects from your chemo and you are doing ok. I expect you will be haveing Rads next ,which is very doable so dont worry about that too much. Keep your chin up there is a light at the end.
All the best
Love Lindiloo x


It’s funny you should ask where I’m at… Chemo done, Rads planning tomorrow which I think involves a CT scan. Scared… nah not me… OK yes a little, well actually a lot and I have no reason to suspect anything.

Never said I wasn’t a hypocrite :wink:

By the way a friend of mine had a really bad overactive thyroid last year, a lot of specialists believe that all that can be done is medical or surgical to solve it but she ate a lot of seaweed (the belief back in singapore where she’s from) and took control herself a bit and suddenly she started going in the other direction, unexpectedly got pregnant (very unusual when the thyroid’s as out of whack as hers was) and boom, her body just rebalanced itself and she’s now in normal range again and off the meds for good

Amazing things our bodies sometimes, it’s easy to forget when dealing with cancer how much else is still working isn’t it?

Hi Angie,
Congratulations on finishing your chemo , Try not to worry to much as rads is so much easier ,i expect youll be getting your marking tattoos done at the same time ,i had 3 tattoos done but they are realy tiny and bearly noticeable. Dont worry about the Ct ,it is fine , and is just done for the planning . The tireing bit is haveing to go everyday but you soon get used to it and it does seem to pass quickly.I had 23 do you know how many your haveing? They supplied me with aquarious cream for my skin and although i got a little bit red towards the end i was fine .
Good luck im sure youll be fine.
Love Lindiloo x