Help and advice with supporting mum

My mum is 65 and has been ill since January. We have been back and forth to the GP and hospital as well as opticians. Mid September she was so bad I called 111 and she was rushed into hospital. They said she had gall stones and sent her home with a follow up for 2 weeks time. A week later she was getting worse so we took her back to A&E. 5 days later and were told she has cancer. It is breast cancer which has spread to liver and bones including a tumour behind her eye which is pushing forward and causing pain and sight problems. We are all in shock. Apart from being breathless and tired she has been on the go, running around with my daughter who’s 4 and only 6 weeks ago climbed the giants causeway! We’re angry at it taking so long for something to be found and feel as is she was fobbed off but trying to stay positive too. Mum is my best friend and rock. She has been started on Letrozole and starting Ibrance next week as well as an injection every 4 weeks. I want to support her, make memories and enjoy the time we have but Im not sure how. She is becoming confused in the morning and upset easily. I want to take her away but don’t know if we can. I don’t want to stress her out. I don’t even know if she is allowed to be home on her own so currently have a rota of who’s with her at different times but this is proving difficult with us all working full time. Please if anyone can offer advice or understands what we’re going through I would love to hear from you.

Hello Charly, so sorry you and your Mum are having to go through this and how frustrating and upsetting for it to take so long to identify what was going on .Everyone responds differently to these treatments so it is hard to know how much support your Mum will need .There are quite a few ladies on the forum having the same treatment and some have had great results so let’s hope your Mum responds well .I will post a couple of links for you to the secondary breast cancer part of the forum you will be able to get advice and support regarding the treatments from ladies who are also on this regime .All the best Jill .