Help! Dimples and lumps!

Dear All! I am a 23 years old woman. About a week ago, a noticed a lump in my left breast and as I was examining my breast, I noticed some dimples on it. I have very big, saggy breasts and there are big stretch marks on both, also my skin is really thin. Also, I noticed lumps in my other breast and also dimples on my skin, but they are not as spectacular than on my other breast. I am going to have my period this week and I booked an appointment to a doctor but I am just really terrified.

I forgot to mention that the dimples and lumps are at about the same spot in/on both breasts and I have no other symptom. 

Hi wiecl,

Well done on booking the appointment with the Dr. The chances of it being anything serious is very low, but it does need to be checked out.

You maybe referred to the breast clinic, but try not to read anything into it if you are, as it is a routine referral & that’s best place to get to the bottom of it.

See what the Dr says & take it from there.

ann x