Help - Flooding following Mirena Coil Removal

Can anyone help? I was advised to have my mirena coil removed by my Onc (originally put in for heavy periods)and I am now flooding like a tap has been switched on. I am day 12 following my first chemo FEC cycle and had started to feel quite good - hoping to exercise a little this week to keep the fitness levels up. But I feel as if I am back to square one as I am bleeding continuously which is making me feel extremely anxious.
Does anyone know when the chemotherapy is likely to stop the periods as I am not sure if I could cope with another period like this?
Thanks Lynn

I would see your GP or oncologist as soon as possible and get a referral to a gynaecologist ASAP. I have horrendous periods (not as a result of chemo, just age) and don’t want the mirena coil so am going to have an endometrial ablation which is supposed to be very effective at stopping heavy periods. Leaves you infertile though, so if you want more children, not a good idea. Others on this forum have had it done - search for the thread “tarantino periods”! Good luck

Hi Lynn

Not sure when it stops periods as I’d had a hysterectomy 18 months prior to the chemo. I’m 45 and did start getting hot flushes after my second FEC so presume that was the start of going into menopause.

I would echo Cathy in that you need to talk to someone quite urgently. As the FEC will be knocking your blood cells back you would be at risk of anaemia. I would start by phoning the Oncologist’s secretary to get advice.

Take care and good luck
Elinda x

Hello, i was in the exact same situation and my periods didnt stop till about half way through my chemo, hate to tell you but i ended up having to have a hysterectomy, although i havent looked back since having the operation, feel so much better in so many ways.

Hi girls,
I am having my Mirena coil out Thursday so will be interested to see what happens to me. Mine was put in nearly 4 years ago due to nearly constant bleeding. It has never really helped me that much and given terrible period pains. I went to have it removed not long after my dx but the doctor couldn’t find it so I had to have a scan to see if it was still there. It is, couldn’t have just fallen out on its own!! I am due to start FEC next week so I will get myself prepared!!
Take care,

Hi Linbin

I had my coil removed before chemo and have completed 5 cycles of chemo with 3 to go. I didn’t experience any flooding, but then everyone is different. My periods have been fairly regular and normal, so chemo hasn’t stopped them (which I’m pleased about). I’ve had FEC and am now on TAX. Speak to your ONC/GP and get it checked out. Afterall you want to be as fit as you can for chemo and bleeding heavily may affect your iron levels.
Best of luck

Thanks to you all for your replies.

The flooding has finally stopped after 3 days - I am having my bloods checked tomorrow and seeing a gynaecologist on Thursday. We will be able to go through the options but would prefer not to have any op’s between chemo treatments! At least I feel something is being done as I don’t think I could cope with another period from hell and as you rightly say I don’t want to get anaemic on top of this.

Thanks again
Lynn x

Good luck Lynne:-)

I had my Mirena removed just as I started chemo, March 2008. I went out for a drink with OH, suddenly panicked, ran into the loos and was in there for quite a long time, dealing with the abbattoir-like mess, before immediately returning home in a taxi and into the shower. I only ever had that flooding for one period; the BCN said the chemo would dry it up and it did!

Thanks LadyChatterbox,

I went to see the gynaecologist that wanted to put back the mirena coil. I then spoke to the hospital because I had my doubts as my breast cancer is strongly hormone receptive. We have decided to wait for one more period (and hoping it will be like your situation, but if it floods again I will then try Zoladex to switch off the ovaries.

Thanks for your comments - I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will mirror what happened to you ie the chemo stopped them.

i got bad flooding on tamoxifen after my first BC… highly ER pos but asked for a mirena and got it.

it actually has preventative effects on the endometrium which helps prevent the risk of endometrial ca which is a rare side effect of tamoxifen.

the mirena is used as a treatment for heavy periods and reduces blood loss by 96% within the first year so for many women that is no bleeding at all.

for people who had it inserted for heavy periods you often forget how bad they were whilst you have it in and to go from nothing back to heavy, plonged peroiods with flooding can be a real shock to the system.

iv got BC again and asked my my breast consultant if i should get it out and he said no… the amount of hormones realeased is so tiny it wouldnt make a big effect… it turned out that this BC was actually hormone negative anyway.


Hey Lulu

Doesn’t that just go to show the difference in opinions among Oncologists!
My BC is Triple Neg & I had to get my mirena coil out before Chemo started…something I could really have done without! My hormones were all over the place when I got my first dose of FEC & I looked like an overly spotty / hormonal teenage boy! LOL

I do have a wee nagging thought in the back of my head that it had something to do with my cyst turning to cancer tho…but that’s just me looking for a reason for all this & the timing does match up…I do realise that it’s probably just a coincidence. I s’pose we all look for a reason don’t we…why me?? Something we’ll never really know!

Hazel x