Help for those with with terminal prognosis and less than 6 months to live.

I am just wondering if anyone can help me. We have booked a once in a lifetime trip to the Maldives, as I haven’t got long - the chemo has not worked on the secondary tumours in my liver. I have spent the whole morning researching insurance quotes and as soon as I mention less than 6 months or The Maldives, then I get refused. I have tried many of the sites recommended on here, and the closest I have got is with freespirit who are going to give me a quote when my GP has filled in a form. As my GP hasn’t seen me since early March, this is a bit hard, but they won’t accept a note from my consultant who is actually encouraging us to go.
I would be so grateful if anyone in a similar situation to myself who has managed to get cover could recommend a company. I know I should’ve checked this out before booking, but I feel in need of one last fabuluos family holiday.
Thanks in advance, any info welcome.

Hi Passthetea.
Im not sure how to advize you re insurance …I have secondary concer and insurance is always difficult without the additional difficulties you face. I have only tavelled in europe with cover from MIA but dont think they would cover the Maldives…Secondary ladies have been using eurotunnel insurance…if you are not having active treatment and your doctor says you are fit to travel it may be a possibility. Otherwise I think I might try approaching some of the charities which offer trips abroad to terminally ill children to ask who they use?..cant think of any names at the moment …how about approaching macmillan direct by telephone to get advice. Good luck and let us know how you get on …ther will be a lot of others interested in this! Pamx

Try They only deal with advanced cancer, secondaries or people in active treatment for a primary.

I don’t know how much it will be though as the medical facilities in the Maldives are pretty rubbish. I have Maldivian friends and they fly to Singapore or Dubai for anything medical including having a baby - so that might push up the premium.

I hope you manage to get out there. Have you been before? It’s so beautiful. Let me know which island you’ve booked.


I have secondaries in liver and bones. The only company who would quote for me for a 2 week trip to USA was All Clear the premium was £4250. I must have called 100 companies and they all refused even all the ‘we insure cancer’ ones. I went through every list I could find. I found out about Eurotunnel from a recommendation on here and now have an annual family policy for under £200 which is less than we paid before my BC diagnosis. There were no questions about prognosis. They will cover as long as your doctor says you are fit to travel. I hope this helps you to get your lovely holiday.