Help: Has anybody had ld flap with implant????

Hi. Im due for surgery soon and need to decide my options. Tummy or ld flap. Ive had rads and worried that the implant with encapsulate. Has anybody had this op and if so experienced any problems??
Kim xxx

Dear Kim

You may find our one to one support service helpful- more details here:

You could be put in touch with a couple of volunteers who have had each procedure. Hope this helps.

Very best wishes


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Thank you janet x

Hi Kim,

I had a bi- lateral recon Feb 2012 using LD flap and implants. I was concerned about how I would fare after the op. I’m 35 and lead a very active life- horse riding, hill walking etc. I didn’t want the effects of the op to impact on my lifestyle. After a lot of deliberation, I decided to go for it. It was a tough op to get over but I’m happy to say that a year on everything is fine and the cosmetic result is excellent. It was definitely the right decision for me And I’m able to do all the same activities that I did before the op.

vikki x

Hi Vikki
I’m due to have the exact operation in the summer and am also quite an active person. I’m more concerned about the impact on the back as I already have lower back problems. How much pain were you in and for how long? I’m also worried about problems with tightness. Any answers or tips would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Diane
I had a back flap (LD) reconstruction with implant. I fly a flexwing microlight and was worried that I wouldnt
have enough strength in my arms to continue to fly.

I shouldnt have worried. Everything went fine - Im pleased with the outcome and I still fly. I did have back ache in the early months but this soon disappeared.


Thank you ladies for your advice. Im 40 and am sporty to. I was more worried that the implant would fail due to rads.
Youve helped me make my decision as im seeing my surgeon on Thursday.
Im glad your all ok xx