HELP!!! Herceptin Been told been giventoo low a dose

I had round 16 of 18 herceptin yesterday to be told by my nurse that they have not been giving me enough dose due to my weight gain!! This has only come to light as they lost my precsription on Friday and needed to obtain a new one from my oncologist, the pharmacy then noted the weight gain. Cut a long story short oncologist blaming at home nurses and vice versa!! To be honest dont really care about that just want to know what impact this has on my treatment and the success of it. my dose was increased from 384 to 465 which is about 30% which seems drastic to me!!
Has anyone been in a similar case. Have a meeting in the morning with my ONC but he has tried to tell me not to worry, but its not his life there messing with!!


Sorry Nicki I have never heard of this. I know my chemo was supposed to be adjusted, but only by a tiny amount.
Hope others can help. I will def get this checked out when I get my next herceptin. Debx