Help - I'm on the Path of Paranoia!

I have got terrible stomach cramps and have had them all day. My tum hasn’t felt right for about a week but today it’s really uncomfortable.

Pre-dx this would obviously only be a random tummy upset but OBVIOUSLY post-dx its anything but! I’ve made the cardinal mistake of Googling and am now convinced it’s something more sinister.

Is there a tummy bug going around? Please say yes (Im in Staffs. I’ve got a routine checkup with my Onc tomorrow so i’ll mention it then but in the meantime can someone please slap me with a wet fish and give me some words of wisdom.

It could be just nerves and stress. I had cramping pains in my legs when I was diagnosed.Nothing sinsiter, just due to getting tensed up.

I don’t know your history obviously, but honestly I wouldn’t worry about the stomach pains at all. Needing the loo, maybe? Constipation can cause these cramps, I had them the other day post chemo.

Good to see the onc tomorrow, bet s/he is not concerned at all.


Christine xxx

<runs through=“” land=“” of=“” ned=“” towards=“” p=“” waving=“” madly=“”></runs>

OK, one slippery dover sole in my left hand, one sloppy wet salmon in the right… which do you want?

Seriously though, it’s probably nothing more sinsiter than a tummy bug or something that’s disagreed with you, but you are right to get it checked out. Hope all is well tomorrow and your mind at rest once more.

<wipes fish-scented=“” hands=“” down=“” jeans=“” and=“” returns=“” to=“” smoother more=“” pleasant=“” parts=“” of=“” land=“” ned=“”></wipes>

I know how you feel, I swear if I had a sore little toe I would immediately think cancer! I’m married to a doctor & when I get in this state he says they were asked at medical school “if you heard hooves outside the window would you automatically think zebra?” Common things are common so put yourself back in pre bc days, stomach cramps can be no end of things especially as a result of anxiety. I’m sure your doctor will put your mind at ease tomorrow & then you will probably feel really silly for getting so worked up in the first place (albiet completely understandable).



A few weeks ago I had constant tummy aches for few days and I was trying not to think of the worse (as I was googling liver secondaries symptoms!). I tried to think logically about it and about what would I have done pre BC. A couple of Ducolax and a morning after clear out and it was all okay again.

I work in Staffordshire and there IS a lot of tummy bigs about at the moment, Noro virus particularly is doing the rounds.

Karen x

Thank you - really many thanks. And thanks for telling me that its doing the rounds in staffordshire.

I am a calm, competant, rational woman…when i’m not convincing myself that i have something strange going on in my brain…and now my tum…or possibly my liver…

i’m back to work in january so hopefully i’ll be too distracted to dwell, here’s hoping!



My Mum lives on the Derbys/Staffs border and she picked up a nasty tummy bug too. (Very painful tummy pains & all tha follows!)

Remember the golden rule of the forums - no googling!!

I know what you mean though - any symptom is something much, much worse!!


SCACO - hello long time no hear! I have been in and out of forums of late, mainly out, with treatment finishing but now its the “anniversary” and every ache and pain i have of course has to be something sinister. Im waiting for results from scans etc but I like you, need a wet fish to slap me with, but reading your post made me think its not just me being paranoid. I think its natural that we are, just think what Choccie would say to us! Let us know how you get on, Im sure its a tummy bug!!! xxxx


There’s a tummy bug doing the rounds in Cheshire too.

How does haddock or coley sound?

Sending hugs

Jumping on the paranoia bandwagon. Had headaches for a few weeks and you can all guess what I’d convinced myself of. Had brain CT on Monday. All clear!! Now I’ve just got that pain in my side/back to get rid of…

Keep sane everyone.
Polly xx

Thanks to all.

Saw Honk who poked and prodded and said it wasn’t anything to do with cancer. Big PHEW! I think it is just a tummy grumble, which seems better today - actually scrap the ‘think’ - repeat to myself: ‘it IS just a tummy grumble, it IS just a tummy grumble…’

Hope you are all keeping sane (as Polly says) and I wish you a very, very, merry, happy, joyful, wonderful, love-filled Christmas with bells on.

Ho Ho Ho xxxx

all theses comments made me smile, and thankful im not going crazy! every pain I have is the “C” back, head, shoulder, stomach, back, thigh !even to the point I have had panic attacks, google is a dangerous thing, I tell myself not to do it and than do it arrrgghh,
i have stomach pains for a week now,probably just a winter chill, everyone around me as aches and pains and they just say its a cold, virus etc, wish I could,:(.

I had BC in 2006, so totally discharged now, all seems ok, just need to stop the worry and anxiety, any suggestions?