HELP I'm turning into a Jack Russell

OK so right now i will snap at anything!.. thats all I wanted to say… thank you!

would you like to join me in tonight’s twilight bark?

And I thought that maybe your hair was growing back in brown and white patches!

I sometimes found myself a bit snappish a week after chemo - wondered if it was the steroid comedown. Couldn’t have been me just being in s foul mood, cos I’m brave and positive with a beautifully shaped head! lol

Let me know when it won’t get bitten, and I’ll send you a hug.

Ah, not just me then (blush)

Ah yes I have had to hand out a few “sorrys” recently for the same reason!
This posting made me smile though!

A colleague said to me today, I knew it was your chemo week last week by the text I got back from you … I’d no idea what he meant? Was I short? I darent ask???

I shouted at the till boy in Asda because he couldn’t sell me 4 packs of painkillers…oh, and I nearly stabbed some builders who started hammering at 8 o clock in the morning and woke me up…

I was impatient before chemo but apparently that was nothing - luckily the chemo brain means that I don’t always remember to be annoyed and snappy!!

I get very very P*ssy when I’m incredibly tired. I said to my OH the other day that I’m sick of feeling absolutely shattered and he said"Oh I know how you feel" and I snapped “no, you really don’t” and he looked at me and said “I get tired too you know” and I snapped back “YEs, but this is a deep down core tiredness, this isn’t like a normal tired feeling, I never felt like this before cancer” - and he rolled his eyes and I felt like stabbing him.

I felt people could always tell when I had had chemo as my testing/typing became much worse than usual-could have been that?
Mind you, OH said the grumpies came out as well…