HELP in COVID study (University of East Anglia)

What is the title of the project?

HELP in COVID study

What is the project about?

Understanding help seeking for serious non-COVID health problems during the pandemic

Who is organising it?

Dr Helen Parretti, University of East Anglia,, 01603591532

What are the criteria for taking part?

You may be eligible to take part if you are an adult who sought help for a new serious non-COVID health problem, or significant worsening of an existing condition during the pandemic.

What do I need to do?

If you are interested in taking part, you can find further information about the study and an expression of interest in taking part here.
If you complete the form you may be contacted by the study team and invited to take part in one interview by phone or online platform (Zoom/Teams, etc) at your convenience.

When is the deadline?

31 May 2021