Help is this tiredness normal at 6 weeks post op?

Hello, I was doing really well and thought I was fully recovered. Wow, today I have just felt absolutely wiped. I didn’t get out of bed until lunchtime, having slept on and off all morning. Feeling tired and a bit dizzy since I got up. I have just lazed on sofa this afternoon. I had been walking 2.5 kms a day for the past week and feeling quite normal at last. Is it just me or are/did you have days like this so far along? I read posts where women are doing so much by now and I am feeling maybe I am just a wimp? I know I have had major surgery etc but all the literature says by 6 weeks should be able to do most activities. I still haven’t driven my car although to be fair if I had to I could but I still have some discomfort and have managed not to. X

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Not sure what surgery you had? I had a mastectomy and immediate recon and although you can do most activities by 6 weeks this is not to say you are recovered by then. It takes so much longer to feel anything like normal. My nurse always said 6 to 9 months, but now two years down the road she is saying with a smile, well it is only two years! However I think at this stage the tiredness etc is more to do with the meds. :smileyhappy:.

Everyone will be different, but just go easy on yourself and if your body tells you to rest then that is ok, just go with the flow!


I am sure others will be on here with more information and different experiences shortly.


Good luck




Hi, im 5weeks past my single mx and can do most things.  If I do all I used to do I need a nap big time though.  My surgeon said it takes months to recover from anaesthetic and to not be wonder woman. 

I suggested I could quietly paint my lounge and got thoroughly told off.  He pointed out we’ve had major surgery… I think its easy to forget as everyone down plays it, cos we’re fighting off cancer and they send us home so soon. If we’d had anything else amputated we’d have physio and not expect too much from ourselves. Plus we’re capable women who need to get on with things. 

I say do it all and schedule naps :wink:



Thank you everyone for advice. I feel so much better again and almost forgetting I had major surgery. Just walked almost 3 kms and about to take the car out for a spin to see how I get on. I think I was just having a bit of am emotional wobble which translated into physical symptoms. I have just been able to start massaging my scars and I think that just somehow made it all finally so real and tangible. The positive aspect is now I don’t have enormous breasts I am already physically able to do so much more. My lifestyle is more healthy as I have addressed my diet too. Obviously, I would rather have my natural body back but I do believe in looking at the positives and life is going to get better. Anyone in the early days post surgery, trust me it does get much better for me week 5 was the turning point and week 6 into 7 I am feeling so much more capable. Positive thoughts to everyone on this unwanted journey. X

Yes, time, and if you continue to feel both tired and dizzy consider asking yr gp to check for anaemia…can sneak in, did 4 me under guise of radio…

Just found this thread … thank you so much!! I am another one, feeling pathetic because I “should be over it by now”. I had a bilateral mx & immediate LD reconstruction on 15th Jan & although pain is vastly reduced & I can do a lot more than I could even a week ago, I’m still so tired by the afternoon & have to have a granny-nap every day. Pre-op I was very fit & active, running most days & with a busy hone/work life as well. I think when I was told the estimated recovery time, I still thought I’d have it smashed within a couple of weeks. Realising I’m not actually super woman has hit very hard!!

Hi Lisa x once I resigned myself to the fact my body was saying " hang on babe" I actually felt a bit better -ive started to build a bit of strength by going for walks but some days I haven’t been able to manage it - often mentally drained more then anything now I think x I’m good in mornings so try to do then and rest at “siesta” time x start chemo soon too so hey ho!

I was of work for 6 months the following recon , mx . I kepton swelling up post surgery, it was my body,s way of coping, but meant i couldn’t drive for 10 weeks as couldn’t manage seatbelt and gear changing.
tiredness was part of that, shoc i think causes it too. And post op, the adrenalin dies back