Help I've got a leaky boob!

I had a re-excision last Monday and my scar was healing well until yesterday it started to leak fluid just at the end of the scar. I’m already on anti-biotics so i’m not worried about it being anything sinister I just want to know if anyone else has had this problem and how long did it last? Its like a permanently dripping tap!

Hi Buzzy, I had a scar that wept a lot- the practice nurse at my GP surgery was great - she gave me some dressings and told me how to deal with it. I had to go back a few times, but wasn’t infected, just a lot of old blood/fluind that had to find its way out apparently. It wept for about 10 days, then dried up.

Crikey 10 days! I’m supposed to be returning to work on Monday! Anyway it just so happens that when the district nurse was visiting when I had my drain in, she left a big packet of surgical pads here so I have a nice supply which should last a few days!

On the day it first happened (it started in the night and bled quite a lot) I had tickets to see a Pink Floyd Tribute band - and I still went - well padded and polo neck black jumper!

Hello Buzzy
Mine started leaking 7 days after surgery. I was just going to bed and thought I’d come unravelled! I rang NHS direct in a very distressed state. When I told them I wasn’t feeling faint because I wasn’t standing up the person on the line told me that she would hang up if I didn’t co-operate and answer properly.
We didn’t have any dressings and used sanitary towels instead. After the first gush it eased off. The fluid has to come out. I went to be checked out the following morning.
Happy days

I suppose it’s better than having a seroma…

A potential practical suggestion could be to stick panty liners in your bra, or you could go to the maternity section and get some breast pads. I suppose it depends how leaky you are.