Help! Just dx stage 4

Just been dx today with cancer in lungs, liver & bones and am feeling shell shocked.


What can I expect? Are there any positive stories out there?


I was originally dx over 7 year ago and have been feeling great until a few months ago.


Just having a pity party…

Hi maltomlin,


So sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but there are many treatments available and many ladies on here who are living well and have been for years.  I’m sure the wonderful ladies on this forum will be along soon and all have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.


You are bound to be in shock at the moment and it takes time to get your head round everything.  Once you have a treatment plan in place it becomes a little easier.


Have a look on the ‘Inspiring News’ thread; there are many long-term stories on there.


It is sometimes hard to see the light when darkness falls, but take heart - there is still light.


Hugs - Tink x


Hi maltomlin1

I’m so sorry about your diagnosis… It’s like a body blow when you are first told, the mist descends… But it does get easier… Once you’ve got your treatment plan sorted and you know what your facing…

As tink says there are ladies on here that have lived for many years with secondaries… Take time, be good to yourself and ask for help when you need it…: you are prob in a very dark place right now, but it does get better…

(((Big hugs)))

Wolfie xxx


So sorry you have to join us on the secondaries part of the forum, a place where none of us want to be! I think I remember your login name from all those years ago and it is such a shock when you get diagnosed with secondaries a long time after your primary when you know you’ve been clear for so long. My secondary dx was nearly 5 years after my primary, which was low grade, early detected, great survival rates etc, just goes to show! As the other ladies have said once you get a treatment plan in place I think all of us have felt more able to cope and we all seem to find how it’s best for us to live the new normal. Many of us continue to work, I did for. 5 years or so but don’t now, and it is often the treatments that affect us more than the SBC itself. There are some very useful threads in this section regarding the treatment side if things once you know what you’ll be having, and in the. ‘Living with…’ section about day to day life. We also manage to have a laugh or two in the Cybe Cafe thread although we have all been a bit quiet recently but this is often the case in the summer when some of us have a break or have families to look after in the school holidays. Do check out the other threads and ask any questions, someone is almost always able to offer advice from their own experience and we all support one another as we know exactly how you are feeling right now.

Nicky x