Help just got Diagnosed

Morning, I got diagnosed with invasive ductal grade 2 ER and HER positive. I have no idea what that means? They have said I will be having chemo first which I feel very confused about. Surly they should be removing the lump first? They have said it hasn’t got to my lymph nodes so I think that is a positive.
I just wanted to see if anyone else had chemo first and why? I no it’s not a death sentence and that it is very treatable. Well I hope it is as I would really like to see my children grow up. I don’t think I have ever been so scared in my life. I told my children yesterday myb12 year old took it very hard it is very scared he is going to lose his mum I have reassured him he will not be getting rid of me anytime soon. My 7 year old doesn’t really understand other then I’m going to lose my hair and have surgery. And of course my 5 month old hasn’t a clue. Sorry I have gone on bit. Back to the main question has anyone had the same as me and offered chemo first followed by surgery?

Hi Hopeful86,

Thank you for reaching out for support on the Forum.

With reference to your treatment options, do feel free to give our specialist breast care nurses a call on 0808 800 6000, or you can repost your message to this section if you would prefer online support:

I also wondered whether you might be interested in our ‘Mummy’s Lump’ publication, about talking to children about breast cancer: Our publications are free to order.

I hope these things can help, take care,

Becca at Breast Cancer Care.

Hi Hopeful. Yes i jave had exactly the same as you and i am now nack at hair with short blonde hair and have 3 children who were just like your 12 year old - scared!!

I was diagnosed on 29th August last year with grade 2, er+ and her2+ invasive ductal breast cancer. Nothing in the lymph nodes. I sterted chemo on 27th September and finished on 24th Jan this year. I lost all of my hair but wore a wig and woolly hats. It was good that it was autumn/winter and i told my kids that my hair had gone with the leaves but would come back with the flowers in the Spring! And it did!

I had a masectomy on the 19th Feb and i had had a complete response to chemo and there was no cancer left! I have carried on with herceptin 9njections every 3 weeks since finishing chemo with just 3 to go now and my last one is on boxing day!

We have chemo first so that we can have the new targetted therapy drug, Perjeta, which is for Her2+ cancer. Having chemo first also helps us to know how effective the chemo has been.

It is a tough journey with real ups and downs but you will get through it. Ask for all the support you need, stay positive, stay strong and stay on the forum where you will receive lots of advice, help and support. Good luck lovely lady xxx

That should say back at work with short blonde hair ??