Help! Lumps and swollen lymph node.

Hi everyone. I apologise in advance if my concerns have been mentioned before. 


About 2 months ago I noticed a small lump out the outer side of my left breast, and some slight pain. Now I have noticed further hard lumps and my lymph nodes feel almost knotted/enlarged on the same left side. 

Im also feeling pressure/tightness on the left side. The left breast feels heavier and the areola is larger and being pulled to the left. 


I am currently abroad so am not sure if I’m freaking myself out (it’s just a cyst or something minor) or if I should pay to see a Dr here? I won’t be back in the UK for a few weeks. What would you recommend I do? 


Hi Bella,

As ever, it depends how you feel about it. If you would feel happier with the reassurance, then by all means, get it checked out, otherwise a wait of a few weeks probably won’t make a lot of difference. 

The chances of it being anything serious is the least likely outcome, but do get it checked out whether sooner or later. 

ann x



Hi I’m going through the same I’ve just had a 2nd appointment for another breast scan lumps and bumps as you described basically, I’m worried sick because I’ve never had a recall before I always think the worst,it’s the time inbetween that give you too much time to think if you haven’t had it checked you should sooner the better.