Wondered if anyone can offer any reassurance.

I had core biopsy last week along with ultra sound. I have an appointment for Friday morning.

Today i was in the hospital as my son had a small op and whilst I was there we asked if there was any chance i could get my results whilst i was there. I was told that my results could not be given until the MDT had their meeting which would be tomorrow.

Do test results that are NOT cancer go in front of MDT?

I would so so so appreciate a urgent response.

Thank you
Paula xxxx

I can’t reassure you that your result will be neg BUT I would think that this is a standard response for any results as they are not allowed to just give them out so perhaps this is just what they would say to anyone who enquires. Also this doesn’t necessarily mean cancer - it may just be something else that needs them to look at or decide what to do cos they also sometimes remove benign lumps & sometimes leave them so would need an MDT to look at that. I had trouble getting results before MDT as I was going on holiday so wanted them before I went away???

either way am thinking of you cos waiting is hard. Try if at all possible to distract yourself until fri & at least then you will know what is going on for definite.

Hi i agree with what millykins has already said results are confidential and they have to be given by the dr/consultant even if it is benign and yes would still go infront of MDT as benign lumps that could pose a threat in the future also sometimes need to be removed or furthur testing if a biopsy is inconclusive but doesnt necessarily mean its anything sinister ,I think shes just been stalling you untill you see consultant.we always pick up on everything and read too much into it when we are worried so heres hoping all will be fine xx Julie

Thanks girls

I got so worried because I though why would they discuss all clear cases at MDT, surely they must have many many cases each week and how would they have time to discuss everything?

Im still obviously v worried but theres nowt i can do now.

Paula xx


I have heard of mdt meetings for fibroedemas ( sp?), because of their size and position. Hop e you get good results. Debx


I have worked as an MDT co ordinator a few years ago, I can confirm that all breast lumps that have been investigated are discsused at MDT, togher with mammos, and Ct scans. Many times the ladies with benign results are then added to the benign cyst list so that if they get lumps and bumps in the future they can ring in and get a fast referral. other benign results that need lump removal are also added for 6 monthly re checks.

good luck

Hi Do you definitely think all results go to MDT ? Xx

Hello Kmel ,these posts are from a few years ago now so these ladies are unlikely to still be on the forum.Are you waiting for some results ?