Help my head is spinning!

Hi Everyone
Advise and support desperately needed
Feeling really down tonight!
Had first BC diagnosis April 2009, oestrogen pos, her neg, chemo, mx, rads and tamoxifen
Diagnosed 4 weeks ago left breast mx 3 weeks ago, saw surgeon last thur, happy with op, oestrogen pos, her neg, lymph nodes pos, bone scan clear, small mm’s area on spine shown on ct scan, thought it was a benign cyst
Treatment to be chemo rads oopherectomy and letrazol I think?

Saw onc today she said no chemo, started me on zoladex today, planning oopherectomy soon, radiotherapy and she wants a second and third opinion on the ct scan results, talking about rads???
My head is in the shed, I have cried all day.
Feel so sad to see my OH and sister cry, they have been with me every step of the way and been my rocks,
All advice and support needed
Thanks Mand x


I havent had the same experience as yourself with respect to your diagnosis, had a few problems but ended up having an endometrial ablation, the rest of my problems have been breast cancer 2 primaries one in each breast

but I can relate to you where you are coming from with regards to your close family being so upset, its so hard trying to keep yourself together and sometimes to cry is all you can do

hang on in there and try to be positive, it isnt easy when you are waiting for more results and treatment to be planned is it,

someone else may pick up this thread and be of more help to you, in the meantime sending you best wishes and a cyber ((((HUG)))) Liz xxxx

Bump, I really would like peoples experience of treatments thanks mand x