help need advice !

Hi everyone . I took my mum today for an apt at a hospital breast clinic after a refererral from her go . She had a mammogram and then biopsy of both breasts . The consultant then plainly informed us that my mum has breast cancer in both breasts . I must have been so naive and unprepared as it came as a huge shock . I feel that I have so many questions that I should have asked. She is going back on Friday for biopsy results . She is 79 , frail and scared and prone to burying her head in sand . I’ve spoken to her gp tonight who said she had tried to prepare my mum for the worst but for me it’s a huge shock . I don’t know where to turn .

Hi, I’m so sorry to hear of your mum’s diagnosis. Before you go on Friday, sit and write down all the questions you need answers to. 


What type of breast cancer is it?

What grade could it be?

Is it hormone positive, HER 2 positive or triple negative?

What surgery - if any, will she need?


I’m sure you will think of others. Earlier this year I met a lady in her 70s with breast cancer. Fortunately it was hormone positive, and she was taking Letrozole daily. Letrozole is an anti hormone tablet for post menopausal women with hormone positive breast cancer. This was causing the tumour to shrink gradually. So she hopefully wouldn’t need any other treatment. If your mum’s cancer is Oestrogen/Progestrogen positive, this might be an option for her. 


If you need to talk to anyone, you could ring the free helpline on here. 0808 800 6000 Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm and Saturday, 10am-2pm


Sending hugs to you both and hoping for the best outcome for your mum.