Help needed

anyone out there had experience of total lymph clearance under arm?I am very new to this could do with some help?

This message is for my sister as she cannot sign in at the moment

Love Kay x

Hi Kay and had wide local excision in April plus total auxilliary clearance.I had 21 nodes removed,the number does vary and all where clear. I still do daily exercises as there is some tightening,but on the whole no issues.
Hope your sister is ok.
Take Care


Hi Katy I had wle and aux clearance in April. 16 nodes removed, 3 were cancerous chemo ongoing and start rads after that, I continue with my post op exercises as advised. Not had any problems x

Hi Katy
had wle and axillary clearance (12 in al but numbers vary) in May. All nodes clear fortunately .
Arm still seizes up a bit ( may be due to 2 further ops on boob ending in mastectomey) But still do my exercises every day at least twice and last part under my arm is coming back to life after nerves being damaged.

wish your sisiter luck
best wishes


Hi Katy

I have copied a link for you here, it will take you to a publication by BCC called ‘Your operation and recovery’ which contains some information about what your sister may experience following this surgery:

The webpage and publication also contains other information including the helpline which you may also find helpful at some point.

Best wishes